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There are lots of charting and data feed products on the market. Most don't do what we need for daytrading. Having tested most of the better data feeds and charting software packages, my top recommendation is to use eSignal data charted on NeoTicker software.

But first, a little about eSignal data from Interactive Data Corp. The eSignal product gets its data directly from the exchanges, eliminating the middlemen and ensuring that you receive every tick, speedily, even on the busiest days.

Interactive Data Corp's ticker plant is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and employs advanced range-checking algorithms and proprietary compression routines to better manage the data and ensure accuracy. eSignal was voted best real-time data feed 16 years in a row...Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities Magazine Readers' Choice Award, 1993 - 2007 and 2009.

I'm a Certified eSignal Educator Partner.

Call Scott Wilks at 800-322-1819 or 510-266-6000 Extension 1629, or click here to email Scott, or click here to register for eSignal data. If Scott is on the phone, leave a message and he'll promptly call you right back. Tell Scott that you were referred by DayTradingCourse.com and he will give you the maximum discount on your new account even if you don't take my course. Or, you can do like most people do and we can contact him from my office on Monday of your week and set it up in 5 minutes over the phone.

That takes care of the real time data feed. Now let's look at charting software.

(Note: The free charting software that comes with eSignal works, but I much prefer Neoticker charting software for our purposes.)

The best charting software on the market, hands down, is NeoTicker at $1497 from Tickquest, Inc., or at a $100 savings from me at $1397. I am an authorized Tickquest Neoticker dealer. Neoticker charting software works great with real time eSignal data. That's the combination I use.

Buy Neoticker Here

Note: If you already have TradeStation, it will work as I have indicators and workspaces for it. However it's not Neoticker.

Thus the best combination for data and charting is eSignal data, charted on Neoticker charting software.

Neoticker also has a Simulated Server which allows you to play back data into any chart, tick by tick, later in the day. So for training purposes, if you can't watch the live data in real time, you can play it back anytime you want. That means you can see the same live chart you would have seen at the market open at 9:30 a.m. Eastern, in the evening, at say 8 p.m. Eastern.

Additionally, Neoticker has a built-in Trading Simulator so you can practice trading. Plus one more feature which you'll love, which you'll see on day 1 of your 5 days when we set up your computer.

Be sure to print out this web page because you'll probably want it for convenient reference to this information.

If you have any questions about data feeds and charting software, please call me at 770-382-9656 (Eastern Time Zone) or email us

I'll do all of the setup for you so all you have to do is use the software, which is easy. This will save you lots of time and frustration.


For daytrading you'll need fast Internet access such as Cable or DSL. Ask around and find out which one is more reliable in your area. Our main concern is reliability.

If you can't get a good high-speed Internet connection in your area, such as Cable or DSL, try cellular internet. It has higher latency than Cable or DSL, but lower latency than satellite. So if you can't get Cable or DSL, try cellular internet first. Make sure they have a return policy just in case it doesn't work at your location.

Another alternative if you can't get Cable or DSL is 2-way satellite. You can now live where there's no Cable or where you're too far from the phone company's central office to get DSL, and still get high speed internet access without a phone line or cable connection. The three vendors are: www.StarBand.com, www.WildBlue.com, and www.HughesNet.com. Of the three, my current preference is HughesNet.

A few years ago in my area, neither Cable nor DSL were reliable, so I got a business class T1 Internet connection. It's expensive, but ultra reliable and it has very low latency. If you have an interest in getting a T1, just call me at 770-382-9656 and I'll cover how to get the lowest price and best service on a T1.

As you can see there are several choices for internet access. If you have any questions about internet access please pick up the phone and call Paul at 770-382-9656 (Eastern Time Zone) or email us.


It's important to bring your trading computer, as we'll be setting it up for you, training you on the software, and ensuring it is functioning properly for trading. You will actually learn on your computer, so there are comfortable with it when you return home. Whether you will be trading with a desktop, laptop, or both, bring them and we will set up all your trading computers during your training week. If you bring a desktop, all we need is the box. No monitor, no keyboard, no mouse, no cords...we have all that.

To make sure your computer meets the minimum specifications or if you're interested in getting a new computer for trading, see our specification pages: www.daytradingcourse.com/computer and www.daytradingcourse.com/laptop.

When looking at monitors, see Monitor specs and our list of Common Display Resolutions to help you decipher the codes. 

Again, we'll install the charting software you bought and set up your data-feed for you on your computer. Many people never get their computer set up correctly, but yours will be set up perfectly. If you want a new computer and get it from my local dealer, they will bring it to me and it will be here waiting for your arrival.

If you have any questions about your trading computer, please pick up the phone and call me at 770-382-9656 (Eastern Time Zone) or email us.

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