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No longer offered as of October 2016.

intuitive interface

DTCii3™ is a clean simple intuitive interface that works with ATC www.atcbrokers.com  It's a human engineering masterpiece of simplicity. It allows you to remain intuitive while dealing with order entry, trade management, and exits.

DTCii3™ features a pair of AutoShed™ so that you don't have to manually execute your sheds. This allows you to shed risk effortlessly and automatically.

"I love the AutoShed™, it is peace of mind and a wonderful instrument. Great money management too." - I.H., Hudson, OH

"I am up and running with the DTCii3 Simulator™ (and the ATC simulation account)! It's exciting! I really like the AutoShed™ and other new features. Congratulations on this terrific advancement." - R.M., Potomac, MD

"I downloaded the latest version. Look great. I always had to add the second AutoShed as soon as I took a position. Quite a few times I would take the next trade without changing back to shedding 5 at 4 ticks, and suddenly realizing that I still had the full position of 7 contracts because the AutoShed was still at 1 at 10 ticks. This is a great improvement in my opinion. Simple is easier. Lets me concentrate on the chart not busywork. Thank you." - G.F., Atlanta, GA

For a 2 week free simulator/demo account with ATC, call 877-654-8400 or 818-545-8400. An on-going ATC simulator/demo account is also available for $49.95 per month through ATC Brokers. The ATCBrokers demo account is free if you have at least $5000 in a funded account with them. Use DTCii3Simulator™ with the ATC simulator/demo account. Download DTCii3Simulator™ below.

We're all fortunate for your hard work developing the interface. I can tell you it's already made a big difference in my psychology. To remove the risk so quickly and automatically is a godsend." - R.P., NY

For live trading with ATC, download DTCii3Trader™ below.

The pair of interfaces, both Trader (live account version) and Simulator (Demo account version) are $19.95 per month.

Both versions of DTCii3™ may be installed on your computer at the same time, as they will be installed in different directories, and you'll have two icons on your desktop, one for Trader and the other for Simulator.

You may install DTCii3Trader or Simulator or both in more than one computer, and then log in with whichever computer you prefer.

Make sure your Windows updates are done and that you have updated Microsoft .NET Framework before installing either version of DTCii3™

DTCii3™ is licensed as is, without warranty of any kind, either implied or express, including, but not limited to implied merchandisability warranty, fitness for a particular purpose warranty, or non-infringement warranty. Licensee accepts all risk. By purchasing a DTCii3™ license, you agree to these terms, and to the terms and conditions in the DTCii3™ Manual. Please download, print, and read the DTCii3™ Manual before installing anything. This is not a broker recommendation. This is not a trading recommendation.

ATTENTION: DTCii3 was updated on Feb 22, 2013.

Current DTCii users, please download and read the manual, download and install both Simulator and Trader versions of the software and then proceed to the box below to buy a new license. A new license is required with this version of the software. We will cancel your existing license and pro-rate any refund due.

New DTCii users, please download and read the manual first. Then, call ATC Brokers at 877-654-8400 or 818-545-8400 to obtain your Simulator (Demo) and Trader (real money) username(s). Finally, return to proceed with the downloads and license purchase.

DTCii3 MANUAL: Download DTCii3™ Manual 2013-11-12

           It is imperative to read thenew DTCii3 manual before starting.

SIMULATOR: Download DTCii_Simulator™_3.7.4668 for ATC Brokers (Use with ATCBrokers Demo account.)

           Read the DTCii3Simulator End User License Agreement before downloading.

LIVE TRADER: Download DTCii_Trader™_3.7.4 for ATC Brokers

           Read the DTCii3Trader™ End User License Agreement before downloading.

Note: If you are upgrading, you shouldn't have to un-install the old version first. However if you have problems, try un-installing the old version first. (If you're not familiar with un-installing software, click here for un-install instructions.)

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ       TECH SUPPORT: Purchase Tech Support

The license is only USD$19.95 per month. (Less than 91 cents per trading day) for the pair: both Trader and Simulator.

STOP! This is only for the first time setup. This is not for making changes in your username. Don't proceed unless you've already contacted ATC Brokers at 877-654-8400 or 818-545-8400, set up your real money account, funded it, and have your Simulator (Demo) and Trader (real money) usernames. That's two different usernames. Nothing to do with your private passwords. If you've done all this, then simply enter your two user names for your Trader and Simulator accounts below. After you pay, our notification to the broker is instantaneous. However the broker manually processes your two user names, which allows both versions of DTCii3 to start. Please allow up to one full business day for the broker to manually authorize your user names for DTCii3. This has to be manually done by the broker before the two programs will start. Don't call us and tell us that DTCii3 won't start, because we already know that. So do you. You have to wait for the broker to manually authorize your two user names for DTCii3. We can't speed up the manual process that is done at the clearing broker's office. Not at ATCBrokers. At OpenECry, their clearning broker. Don't call ATCBrokers about having to wait on OpenECry. You simply have to wait for OpenECry, ATCBrokers' clearing broker to enter your two user names. One more time...this only works if you type in your two usernames into the two slots below before clicking the Buy Now button below. And again, this is not used for making changes. To make changes, just call us at 770-382-9656 Eastern Time Zone. For changes we'll need to know if it's Trader or Simulator, the old user name, and the new user name. Please re-read these instructions before starting. Thanks.

Trader username:

Simulator username:

Click here to buy one license for USD$19.95 Monthly:    cc

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