Long Term Investing (Minimum Hassle Investing)

Do you want stock and ETF picks for investing in your self-directed IRA or your non-IRA longer term accounts.

Are you too busy to devote the amount of time necessary to make good investing decisions?

If so, keep reading...

All investment picks are intended to be long term, without a lot of in and out trading. On the other hand, this isn't buy and hold for 10 years type investing either. You will be doing a few transactions per year. Minimal attention on your part will be required.

You will receive an email each weekend. If there's anything to be done, you can do it on Monday.

You will be given everything you need to know to enter an investment. That would include the stock or ETF symbol, an approximate entry price, and the price of your protective stop.

You will also be told when to exit an investment if you haven't already been exited by your trailing stop or by a reversal signal from us.

If there's anything particularly time sensitive, you will receive an intraweek email.

We've been doing trend following investing since 1985, officially since 2009, and are finally offering the long term only investing package to investors due to many requests over many years. We've also had quite a few futures daytraders request a service for their long term money, whether inside an IRA or not.

"I have tried so many more involved, complicated ways to try get an edge sooner in determining the trend, with minimal whipsaws, but none can consistently beat what you have...Indeed, these more involved, complicated methods have caused me more losses than your simple but effective approach. I've learned that the old saying is true: "When you think you've discovered the key to the market, they change the lock."

The price is only $199 per year. Since the trades are long term, a fair test would be a year, therefore there are no refunds.

We use stocks, ETFs, and Inverse ETFs. We don't use options or futures.

We do all the work behind the scenes and simply send you the order details each weekend. If there's nothing for you to do, we tell you there's nothing to do.

Here's our current seven long term positions. Note that we use a combination of stocks and ETFs. Also note that we currently have 3 long and 4 short positions, meaning that we trade in both directions. We are currently in 3 stocks and 4 Inverse ETFs.


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