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Q: Hi I have an old condo that doesn't have grounded plugs. Can I safely use a surge protector from Zero Surge?

A: You won't have the safety benefit of grounding.
However the Zero Surge actually doesn't need the ground to work.
Most other surge protectors need the ground to work.

Q: Paul, Thanks for your assistance and all your advice. FYI, and to put things in a little bit of perspective of living on an Island, a 1200 VA UPS down here costs about $750.

A: That's high, but worth it due to low voltage harming computers, or a power failure occurring in the middle of a trade.
All desktop computers should be connected to a 1100VA or greater UPS (which goes after the Zero Surge) so that if the Voltage sags or dies, the UPS can turn on and run the computer for 15 minutes so that you have time to exit a trade and properly shut off your computer. Or, long enough to get your generator running which will allow the UPS to automatically shut itself off and automatically start recharging its battery. My two favorite UPS's are the APC 1250VA BN1250 LCD 8 Outlet UPS #032138 at Sam's and the APC Back-UPSŪ RS 1200VA 8-Outlet UPS at Staples. Both are around $200.

Q: How do I connect the Zero Surge and UPS and all my trading equipment?

A:From your Wall outlet, plug in the Zero Surge.
The Zero Surge has two outlets.
 Outlet #1:    Power Strip
   Powered Speakers
   Computer Speakers
   Fax Machine

 Outlet #2:    Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
   Cable or DSL modem

How to connect Surge, UPS, and all your equipment

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