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Specializing in integrating Simplified Elliott Wave™ and Simplified Candlestick Patterns into a Simplified Methodology.

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WSJ.com: World Markets

Euro Pressured as Recovery Slows

The euro remained under pressure amid the latest signs the recovery inside the currency bloc is cooling.

Germany's Borrowing Costs Dive

Germany's funding costs fell to a record low at the 10-year bond auction with the yield dipping below 1%.

Ukraine's Naftogaz Says It Has Repaid Bond

Ukrainian state gas company Naftogaz said Wednesday it has repaid a $1.6 billion bond, settling an urgent bill that had possible ramifications for the country's sovereign debt.

Mixed Day for Asian Shares

Stocks in Asia were mixed in subdued trade with Japanese shares falling on profit-taking while shares in Australia were lifted by a stronger U.S. dollar.

New Zealand Dollar Getting Lots of Help Falling

Authorities in New Zealand want their currency to fall. A confluence of global factors is helping to make that happen.

Hong Kong Businesses Worried

The pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong are expected to cut the number of mainland tour groups heading to the city by nearly a third, which will take a toll on real-estate sales and retail outlets during a major holiday period.

ECB Considering Purchase of Certain Greek, Cypriot Securities

The European Central Bank is considering rules to allow asset-backed securities issued by Greek and Cypriot banks that carry a junk rating to be purchased by the ECB under its new purchase plan.

Russian Ruble Hits Record Low Against Target Currency Basket

The Russian ruble hit a fresh record low against the central bank's target basket of U.S. dollars and euros, slipping below the level at which the bank intervenes to support the currency.

In Venezuela, Plunging Currency Marks a New Low

Venezuela has hit a new, dubious milestone in its slow-motion economic decline: Its largest banknote, the 100-bolívar bill, is worth just one U.S. dollar, at least on the country's black market.

Moody's Officer Says Brazil Rating Change in 2015 Unlikely

In spite of market jitters over Brazil's presidential race, Moody's is unlikely to change the nation's sovereign rating in 2015, a senior credit officer said.

China Eases Mortgage Rules

China's central bank said it would ease rules on mortgage lending to allow more home buyers to qualify for cheaper loans as part of its efforts to boost the housing market.

Markets Are Diverging in the Emerging World

India and Indonesia have benefited from perceptions new leaders will help businesses. The story is different in Brazil, South Africa and Turkey.

Seeking Positives in Negative Yields

Some European bond yields have gone negative as rates hit record lows and lenders are looking for places to park their surplus cash.

Investors See Reasons to Jump Into U.S. Markets

A resurgent dollar is remaking the investment landscape as Fed stimulus ends, in a shift many fund managers expect will propel U.S. stocks, and even bonds, to fresh gains.

Oil Tanks as Supply Overwhelms Demand

A global glut of oil sent prices skidding this summer, and demand is expected to remain soft in the coming months.

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WSJ.com: Markets

Legume Used in Fracking Is 4-Letter Word to Investor, Farmers

In the race to the new riches of the oil patch, one Wall Street firm and hundreds of farmers have slipped on a skinny green legume known as guar.

RBC Trading-Desk Spinoff Nixed By Regulators

The Royal Bank of Canada dropped a plan to spin off a lucrative proprietary-trading business after the Securities and Exchange Commission rejected the move.

Investors Place Bets on Argentine Stocks

Argentina's contentious debt default and a worsening recession haven't stopped investors with a tolerance for risk from pouring into its stock market; the main index is up 118% this year.

Deutsche Bank Freezes Executive Bonuses

Deutsche Bank AG has frozen the payment of millions of euros in bonuses to current and former senior executives to reflect the risks from legal investigations, people familiar with the matter said.

copyright © 2014 Dow Jones & Company, Inc.

WSJ.com: Heard on the Street

Frannie's Courtroom Crushing

A district judge's ruling against hedge funds challenging the Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae bailout terms sent shares in the mortgage giants tumbling. They still haven't fallen far enough.

Banks Feel Less Stressed About Loan Growth

Banks will report third-quarter earnings in the coming weeks against a backdrop of the strongest overall loan growth since 2008.

Constellation Brands Is Worth a Toast

Ahead of the Tape: Constellation Brands shares have outperformed those of a host of peers in the alcoholic-beverage business over the past 12 months. The party is likely to continue.

China Not Ready to Bet the House on Housing

Piecemeal efforts to revive China's housing market aren't likely to snap it out of its slump.

France's Budget Tests Eurozone Tolerance

France's 2015 budget poses a political and economic headache for the European Commission and a threat to the eurozone's fiscal credibility.

EBay's Biggest Auction Yet

EBay's u-turn on splitting out PayPal sets up both companies as attractive takeover targets.

Mixed Meaning in Manufacturing Index

Ahead of the Tape: The Institute for Supply Management's imminent report on manufacturing is likely to be good. Maybe too good.

Ford's Trans-Atlantic Speed Trap

Ford's profit warning might reflect kitchen-sinking but U.S. auto makers face real headwinds in Europe and at home.

Lower Eurozone Inflation Ups ECB Pressure

The ECB's battle with low inflation is just getting harder. Its past actions and policy target may not be helping.

Paying Up for RBS's Nice Surprises

The U.K. bank has again delivered unexpected good news, releasing provisions previously made against bad debts. That could boost earnings forecasts but the bank faces other issues.

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