DayTradingCourse.com Testimonials

These are just a handful of the many testimonials, opinions, and feedback the Day Trading Course has received over the last 26 years. Some students wrote us several times.  We’ve removed all specific earnings comments.

  • “Paul, I have spent well into six figures researching and trading the best techniques for the S&P’s. After taking your course, you have, bar none, the best short term entry system in existence.” – R.S., Beverly Hills, CA
  • “In a million years, in TWO million years, I would NEVER have had a clue how to trade this before I took your course.”
    – F.P., Manasquan, NJ  (referring to a particular chart pattern)
  • “Paul, Al and I wanted to drop you a note to let you know what our experience was taking the Daytradingcourse.com E-mini Trading Course.
    We want to thank you for providing us with years worth of your wisdom in trading E-Minis. It was very apparent you had done all the hard work for us breaking down the tradable patterns and identifying entries that are highly probable in being profitable.
    The material is clearly written and produced. We are enjoying the 3 step process of learning and integrating the material.
    Best of all you were able to teach us according to each of our individual strengths and weaknesses exactly what we needed to integrate the material into a workable model.
    Even though I had already read a lot of Elliot Wave material prior to the course, I now have a much better understanding and feel for how the market plays it out in real time. Best of all the material is there for us to study and memorize into subconscious pattern recognition. It’s a much more relaxing way to flow with the market. The stress levels of trading will be significantly reduced by allowing our right brain to feel where the market is flowing.
    We especially enjoyed the great time we had while you were here.
    We look forward to utilizing your mentorship and continued feedback.
    We give the course five stars. Bravo! We are very happy and satisfied with our experience.Sincerely,”
    P.S. & A.S., Madison, Wisconsin
  • “Trade Station working beautifully!
    Thanks for your time and expertise over the weekend, Paul.
    You are the best~!
    See you and the gang this afternoon.”
    – L.D., Beaufort, NC
  • “Yesterday was an awesome trading day for me! I attribute that to being with you on the community platform. I know the methodology inside out yet the biggest challenge for me is the psychology. This is due to the nature of business that I am in [control, command and action]. Listening to you about being dumb, following the market, passing on unclear entries had helped calibrating my mindset. One very important point I’d like to make, there is a HUGE DIFFERENCE between reading something in the manual and ACTUALLY HEARING IT out of your mouth in REAL TIME when I REALLY NEED to hear it. I needed to hear what goes on in your mind as pro trader when you watch the market. Despite the simplicity and lack of structure, I truly think the community idea is brilliant and very effective. Please don’t change it or do away with it. Thank you so much for being great teacher and a mentor that really cares about the progress of his students. My hat goes off to you my friend. With sincere regards,” – I.H., Hudson, OH
    (Written after 1st day in The Community Room. Trained in 2003 and still going strong!)
  • “some feedback on the course for paul…your course was incredible. i have taken/seen lot’s of courses in the past 15 years and this was by far the best education i have had. it was refreshing to take a course where you felt like you were truly be taught instead of being sold to…so many courses are in the business of selling newsletters. your trading style is very unique. the focus on simplicity and psychology is what attracted me and what i loved most about the course. thanks for your hard work in creating such a great course and thank you for sharing. you have truly changed the way i invest in the markets. Thank you Paul!” – T.F., Decatur, GA
    (Written just after his year of personal mentoring concluded.)
  • “I saw a ZZ on our usdzar today at work, was looking at it on a 30 min chart and then dropped down to 5 min chart to get the wave count, and traded that and caught a 5th wave, just jumped out at me from the chart, really nice feeling and also felt confident once I put the trade on. A sweet $XX thousand. Thanks!!” – C.H., Johannesburg, South Africa  (written 2 weeks after the 5 days of one-on-one training)
  • “Paul…. May I tell you…. You are a genius! Seriously!
    Your “C3” entry is unbelievable. Your entries: #5, #6, #15 or #16 are so reliable, when followed to the “T”.
    Thank you for all your hard work [and big brain]. Sincerely! So enjoying this trading now. Wish I had been smart enough to attend your webinars earlier!”
    – L.D., Beaufort, NC
  • “I’m now trading on a regular basis and making money consistently. I only use what I learned from you and it works, period. Thanks again for the great information you offer in your course, it really works.” – F.R., Kettleby, Ontario, Canada
  • “Amy, Thanks for the encouragement. I do really believe that after all these years I’ve finally found someone who can show me the correct path to successful trading. Always thought I could do it on my own, but, alas, it was not to be. The overriding feeling I have is to just take my time and allow myself to absorb Paul’s insights. I feel no sense of urgency at all. Fortunately, Paul was able to figure it all out and is willing to share his discoveries.” – J.P., Wimberley, TX
  • “Paul,
    Thanks for a great week. “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.”
    I realize I have a lot of work ahead but I am very excited about enjoying the journey. Look forward to staying in touch, speaking periodically, and eventually adding value to the daily webinars.
    Kindest regards,”
    A.G., Charlotte, NC
  • “Paul,
    I wanted to write and thank you for providing me with such an great learning experience this past week. As I was driving home today, I realized how similar your course is to the way I learned to fly an airplane. From ground school, risk management, in-flight instruction, sim time, the first solo, the check ride, the license, and then improving piloting skills with instrument ratings, etc. it’s basically the same process. I remember my first teaching pilot saying that it would take time and experience to go from a “needle chaser” to a “stick and rudder man.”
    Although I lack the experience right now, I know that your course has saved me the frustration of chasing the wrong needles and also saved the massive amount of risk I would have taken figuring it out on my own . I am confident that you have provided me with a plan for trading success and I know if I execute the plan as you outlined I will be successful.
    That feeling of confidence in the instruction, methods, and the process is worth 10X the admission price, and I look forward to the day I can trade with the same intuition and feeling an experienced aviator pilots their airplane.
    Thanks again for your help and hospitality, I’m going to enjoy the journey.” – J.B., Destin, FL
  • “The simplicity of your approach was and continues to be an inspiration for my own efforts.” – D.A., La Mesa, CA (written 3-1/2 years after training)
  • “Paul, I just wanted to take a minute to say “thank you”. Thank you for developing your course, thank you for the time at your home, and thank you for the follow up since my time in Cartersville. From the amount of due diligence I did prior to enrolling, you may have thought I would be sending you an email (other than entry picture emails) everyday? I only wish I had decided to take the course sooner. I tried to fish out the Futures magazine where I learned of your course. I know it is around here somewhere and will try to find it later to fill in that blank, suffice it to say it was at least 4-5 years ago. As you know, I printed and read every page of your website (yes including 26 pages of testimonials….I know it is more now) in April 2009. Other than the fact that you relayed that the summer of 2009 was a tough time to be watching the price action to learn, I wish I had pulled the trigger at that time. Pam was learning during that time frame and she seems to have developed well. As for my progress, when I first started watching the price action I would often look at the screen and think I’d see a setup forming and then flip to that page in the Techniques Manual for confirmation. Now, while I have reread the Techniques Manual, I do not flip to the page for confirmation of what I see on the screen. Of course, I would like progress to happen faster (I know doctors take 12-16 years for their training) but I feel I’m progressing well. I’ve had some problems/bumps along the way but I do feel like I am learning from them and not doomed to continually repeat them. One example, I had a day where I started with a full loss and proceeded to dig a bigger hole by revenge trading my way out of it….fast forward about 2 weeks later, I started the day with a break even trade and then followed it up with a full loss and I was done for the day. I look forward to returning to Cartersville for my final one-on-one day. I think the time in between will end up being very beneficial, as now, I understand the terminology and the entries (and see them too!). I also look forward to a midday trip to Euharlee for some brisket at Johnny Mitchell’s Smokehouse. As we say in the South…’em are some good vittles! Again thanks and best regards, Brent
  • “Hi Paul,
    Since last Monday I’ve been taking only one trade in the morning and one in the afternoon. I wish I would have done this earlier as the process is amazing. Here is my one trade today. In the past I may have taken 3 marginal trades before this one and been emotionally spent on this difficult morning. The good trades seem to jump out at me with more intensity now that I have to wait for the best ones. Not being able to shoot at will has made the things I do, from actions to thoughts a whole lot more clear.” – L.P., Danville, CA
  • “Hi Amy,
    All is good here…and yes I am sending in my marked up chart pictures. I have been in touch with Paul almost daily. He never misses any of my charts. : ) I am really learning this stuff quickly and enjoy it. Most of the books he recommends I have read. I am in step 2 right now…getting ready to move to step 3. I have about an 80 – 85% (avg) win rate so far. I feel pretty comfortable to start using the simulator for practice trading. I am confident I can double the starting capital as he suggests. Take care,” – J.J., Mountain Home, AR
  • “OMG!!! I realize I’m just a rookie and I am very early in stage 1 (which I am enjoying) but…..is it days like these that you guys make a ton of money?? The patterns are just jumping off the screen!!! Seems to me that this is the type of day you patiently wait for and then take advantage of it and trade size.” – A.G., Charlotte, NC
  • “Hi Paul,
    There is so much to say, I don’t know how to make this brief. First of all, huge thanks for teaching me a system that makes sense, and one that works consistently. I realize I’m still learning, but now, I only have to deal with one variable, me. Like many other students, I’ve taken several other courses, traded at least 3 different platforms including a type of red and green signal system. I have read well over a dozen “trading” books and probably 2 dozen tapes and videos. This confusing stuff all works great about 50% of the time. The dilemma is in guessing 100% of the time as to which 50% to trust. You are correct to assert one cannot mechanize human emotion, but reading it can be learned.
    The computer setup day was phenomenal. Anyone who has a computer should know what is taught the 1st day. Your computer manual helped me do the same fine-tuning at home that can (and should) be done on all computers. Now, my other home computer also runs much faster, much safer, no hang-ups.
    There is no substitute for one on one teaching; you can’t interact with a how to manual. I greatly appreciate your patience and ingenuity. Remember over lunch on a Thursday, we were discussing entry strategies and you pulled out your pocket PC, connected via wi-fi; loaded a live chart of the Mini Dow? We placed a sim trade on a C3 bearish entry pattern with a quick shed and exit for a small profit…in the restaurant over coffee…how cool is that?!
    I learned more about the correct methodology of trading in 5 days than previously in years of struggle. I had no idea there was so much psychology to trading, and you thoroughly address these issues. I know this is just the beginning, but it’s a correct start on a path of success. No more anxiety based trades.
    I came quite prepared (I thought) and yet a lot was packed into 5 days. Your course is far more comprehensive than I anticipated. The reference material alone is tremendous. I appreciate your timely answers to my questions on the chart snapshots I send you. (don’t worry I’m sure I’ll have plenty more) Thank you for helping me to realize a new career.”
    Very sincerely,
    L.V., Jacksonville, FL
  • “I find it so interesting Paul, as you know, I work in a trading room in a bank here in South Africa, and one is constantly peppered with research and theories as to why price is doing what its doing and where its going, and there are some very intelligent people throwing views and opinions around. I really have learned in the last few years and in particular in the time that I have known and interacted with you that knowledge will not always take the place of simple observation. Trade what you see not what you think, it is so true.” C.L., Johannesburg, SA
  • “By the way, the daily recaps are invaluable. You are very kind to continue with your students after a day of trading. “- N.T., Florence, OR
  • “Deciding to take the in person course from you last August was a huge leap of faith. I took all the manuals home, and was in sensory overload, and hid them under my desk. Then in September, I immersed myself in Elliot Wave theory. Due to family demands I am only trading part time. But thanks to your excellent teaching of Elliot Wave I’ve made over [*] figures !!! The secret to my success is working with you, sharing 10% of my earnings and prosperity program I’ve developed has helped me create prosperity consciousness. I am happy and grateful to you and to God that income I’ve made in trading has allowed me to help my family in their time of need. Not bad for a girl from Cleveland, Ohio.” – K.I., Cleveland, OH  (written in January, 5 months after training week)
  • “Hi Paul, how are you? I’ve been live trading for the past three days. I had a few minor hiccups the first day but when I’m patient and relaxed and following your method I’ve done very well. I feel your class was wonderful, worth every penny, and you are a great teacher. I hope you and your family are doing well and I’ll talk to you soon.” – J.P., Foothill Ranch, CA
  • “Dear Paul,
    I cannot express my deepest gratitude toward you both for training me on the day trading course.
    I feel one of the lucky ones to have been able to go through the program and look forward to the 3 steps. My computer and monitor have been shipped to my home and I should be receiving them in next few days. I will start to email pictures from next Monday onwards.
    Again, I truly appreciate your efforts and for providing support in the exciting months ahead.
    .” – H.D. Riverbank, CA
  • I love the webinars!!! I think they are perfect! know the biggest benefit me for is reviewing the “great” trades and the mistakes. It has really helped me during the day. Listening to you and Paul sift through the chart in time, filtering and passing on set-ups, explaining why, is sooo helpful. I am trying to apply the same discipline…..and patience.
    Now when I see a set-up I think about explaining it in the webnar….. and deciding if it really that good?…or was it crap!!!! See you in the webinar; thanks again,” – M.B., Guilford, CT
  • “Thanks for the webinar, I found it extremely useful just to put things into perspective and have a ‘check in’ as to where I am at currently. It was excellent the day by day type analysis speeded up and then slowed down as the trade developed.” – C.L., Johannesburg, South Africa
  • “BTW, thank you for all your efforts in responding to our charts. We find this part of the course most valuable. Reading critiques of our trades helps us to continue to convince the left brain that the right brain is processing properly.”  – K.W., Port Jefferson, NY
  • “Paul, Thank you for getting Tick16 set up on my computer today and all of the other improvements! I enjoyed talking with you, too! I am indeed blessed for your influence in my life!
    Thank you!
    Warmest regards,” – C.H., Gainesville, GA
  • “I like how you are running the webinars by starting out with the nice entries and hearing your thoughts and comments about them. It is really cool when our thoughts match up, that way I know what I’m seeing is correct. For example the irregular today, I saw it real time and you confirmed. Some benefits from the webinars that I’ve noticed is that I’ve calmed down and I’m taking less trades. I’m getting better at being patient. I think I’m currently 60/40, with 40% of the time I tend to force or look.
    I look forward to the webinars everyday. Thanks for doing them.” – L.P., Danville, CA
  • “Hi Paul, thanks for a great week last week, gotomeeting.com worked great , it was like having you the room with me here in the UK, and the course was very educational.” – D.S., Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, UK

and a year later…

  • “…and what a relaxed way to trade ,especially compared to how it used to be for me.” – D.S., Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, UK  (reflecting as his year of mentoring concluded)
  • “I like getting your perspective as a pattern develops. I have never followed YM. I been trading ES live since April. I never realized how much difference can occur between the two. ” – G.F. Atlanta, GA (referring to the Daily Recap Webinar)
  • “All is well and today I finally got started on Step One – Learn. Just sent Paul my first chart question. Thanks for everyting. This is all really quite unbelievable!” – J.P., Wimberley, TX
  • “Enjoying the course very much, I am always amazed at how Elliot works over and over again and how your entries work over and over again. Amazing! Thanks for all of your years of hard work and trial and error to figure this out, and for sharing it with us.” – J.L., Westmont, IL
  • “First, thank you for your hospitality. It was a pleasure meeting you and Lydia and the members of your family and staff.  Second, your course clearly was a cost-effective prudent investment in the future of my trading career.” – F.F., Wichita, KS
  • “Thanks for the great response to my pictures. Love the Picture-Style Support, what a fun and great way to learn! Your comments are very insightful and helpful. Thanks for taking the time to really look at and comment on them. I should mention as well I am really enjoying the process and intend to follow the steps you have outlined. I am excited with the idea that I may actually learn something that can be applied to making money in the markets today and going forward. The thought that all the money spent and lost in the past at pursuing trading may come to something in the end is very appealing. Thanks Again. More pictures to come…………” – B.P., Chicago, IL
  • “I just wanted to thank you for always responding to my e-mails so promptly.  It is refreshing to find someone honest and true to their word.  You and your daughters have delivered everything you advertised.  I for one am very appreciative.” – D.H., Atlanta, GA
  • “I had no idea when I met you that trading is NOT AT ALL mechanical, if then statements do not and cannot work, indicators are faulty, delayed at best. It is intuitive based on a sound knowledge of Elliott wave and your basic entry patterns….AND PATIENCE to let them form. Today at 11AM, my sim account is up $[*,***]; I’m not anxious to give it back (e.g. I have to see a Really Solid setup to enter another trade today, besides I have my two for the AM anyhow) I find myself almost exclusively looking only at one chart, the ER S30 with $TICK. I will continue to send you my trades as it is part of my schooling. I appreciate your willingness and genuine concern for not only my success, but that of all of your students.” – L.V., Jacksonville FL
  • “Paul, I’m making money!!!” – F.M., San Luis Obispo, CA
  • “Again, a big BRAVO for your exacting resource over the years it much appreciated!” – A.G., Denver, CO
  • “Thanks for all of your help through my journey thus far – It’s been priceless.” – I.I., Cumming, GA
  • I can’t speak for any one else but what may seem basic and repetitive never bores me. This course is great because you talk about it being OK to miss a trade, and that in the past has led me to act precipitously with disasters consequences..”
    – M.C., Pickering, Ontario, Canada

(Referring to the Daily Recap Webinar)

  • “My success rate on the simulator is at or above 90% wright now, Ya you might say I’m rushing it a little But I’ve been watching charts and trading for almost 8 months, The problem was I new there was some kind of pattern to the market in how it works but could not figure it out, also entry and exits where hard for me, you have definitely changed that for me now, wow what an improvement. I see it so much more clearly now than I ever have, it is so much fun to trade now. Also I’m actually kind of glad that I found you last because I probably would have screwed it up if I had found you first. I love Neoticker best I’ve ever had for charting software.” – T.S., Carson City, NV
  • “Paul, I struggled for three years before taking your course, and now a year after that am getting to the place where it can be profitable. I yearned, worried, and wondered about getting to this level the whole time, every day, every night. Probably almost every minute of every day. Every time I played with my kids, I wondered if I would get this figured out so that I could become consistently profitable. So here I am, and well it’s pretty boring. There are no bells and whistles going off, no spinning blue light and alarm. No seriously, I am excited as heck inside, but nothing has changed much. I still do the same thing I did on day one. I still sit here doing something else while the chart moves around. Sometimes the chart sets up something obvious and I’m in/out. Just like that. Is this too easy? Isn’t is supposed to be more exciting and difficult than this? Where’s the adrenaline rush, the phone ringing, the yelling and sweat? I putter the whole day, and keep my eye on the chart for something obvious to happen. Anyway, a big thanks to you, and how much of a help you are.” – R.P., Kerhonkson, NY
  • “Hello Paul, Thanks for your recent help. You have me pegged perfectly ( tense & intense ). I have been using theta, monitoring my fear and am seeing a great improvement in my trading. The switch back to simulator has a lot to do with calming me down and I believe another week will help me regain confidence and calmness in my trading. I have been re-reading your recent e-mails from other students and have been encouraged by their similar difficulties and ultimate success in overcoming their trading problems. I have come to fully realize that all the fear I have been feeling is a result of how I think and what I expect from the market. It is amazing how I always understood the problem but it still took root in me and affected my trading. I guess that nothing can take the place of experience and sometimes learning the hard way is what it takes; even though you try to save us from the emotional pain of financial loss. It has been seven months since my visit to you and I can say that I’m happy to have chosen this profession and been taught by you. Your style is consistent and you always get to the root of my problem and help me to understand it on a deeper level. I know that my success is a sure thing because of your help and my determination to correct my flawed thinking. I look forward to the day when consistent, easy and boring trading is the rule for me. Until then I will monitor myself to stay with the correct physiological mindset.” – J.P., Salem, MA
  • “Paul, Thank you for everything!” – I.H., Hudson, OH
  • “Went live trading last week, traded brilliant. All winners, no errors. Feel I know what the trend is going to do, of course every once in while it fools me, but…not very often anymore. First day I was very nervous, but played two contracts on the Russell, did very well. Second day I was more at ease, third day I couldn’t wait to sit down. Felt very confident. With money on the line, I am much more cautious about my entries. Anyhow yea!” – A.S., San Diego, CA
  • “This system is so beautiful. I’m learning to let go and allow it to be easy.”  – R.P., Kerhonkson, NY (1-1/2 months after one-on-one training)
  • “Thanks for your last response to some questions I had, it was very helpful, again.” – M.C., Pickering, Ontario, Canada
  • “I took 8 trades last week. That was my lowest # ever. They all worked fine. That was just trading the mornings.” – R.P., Kerhonkson, NY
  • “Paul, I could ramble on for a while but I’ll get right to the point. Your course is the real deal. It does work. Thanks so much for making this information available for students who want to have a chance of success in this business. I am impressed with your trading methodology, its simplicity and the thorough approach you have taken with your course. You and your team have done a fine job!” – R.O., Scottsdale, AZ
  • “Again, thank you immensely for sending these photos. They are so helpful, I can’t tell you. … BTW, I’ve been again studying the martial arts for the last four months, and it is with the most amazing, most ingenious sensei I’ve ever met. He created his own style by having studied all of the arts, and namely by “cutting out the bullsh*t,” in his very words. I mention this because (A) I know you have an affinity to the martial arts, and (B) to let you know that when this man teaches martial arts, he sounds exactly like how you teach trading; i.e. make it super simple, and weed out the total crap which constitutes 95% of what is taught out there. I’m loving it, just as I’m absolutely enjoying the pursuit of the trading profession.” – G.G., NYC
  • “Paul,I enjoyed our week together. I admired your thoroughness. The course is very comprehensive.”
    – M.S., Sandy, UT
  • “It’s funny that learning to relax and be patient is by far the biggest part of trading successfully. Not staring at the screen; not worrying about missing a trade; not creating trades that aren’t there; not thinking about the money; focusing on the process; just waiting patiently and calmly for the good trades to jump off the screen at me are the things I have to constantly work on. I have no doubt that in the long run I will be successful as I master these things. I also think these are things that most traders spend the least amount of time on. I feel very fortunate and blessed that my trading has taken the path that it has. Much of that has been because of your teachings and for that I thank you.” – S.G., Basye, VA
  • “I wanted to write a note to thank you again for all the time and effort you put into teaching me how to trade. I found the course tremendously beneficial. Although I have taken courses before, I never came away with a game plan with regard to what I should do next. However, this time, I know exactly what I should do week by week until I am trading. Thanks for being patient and covering the material so thoroughly. Apart from the course, I enjoyed just hanging out with you for a week. You are great company, and I had a lot of fun.” … “It is hard to express how exciting it is! So much of the what you taught me is occurring right in front of my eyes!” … “The emails are great! I am learning a lot from them.” … “This is unbelievable for me! I never thought I would be able to look at a chart and have a clue as to what is happening.” … “Thank you so much. I can’t even begin to express my gratitude. For the first time, I feel a degree of confidence that I might be able to make a living trading. That’s exciting!” … “I am amazed at all the work you have done on all these different subjects! I look forward to your emails every day. They sure are informative and helpful. I also like the questions various students ask, and the answers. It really adds to my knowledge! Thanks so much for everything you have done.” … “This is such an exciting way to trade! I feel so fortunate to have found you, and that you would share something this good!” … “I have sure learned a lot from your daily commentaries. It sure helps me learn to interpret the charts better, because I can read your interpretation of what has happened, and then compare it to what my thoughts were for the same time periods and the same charts. Thanks for doing this!” – D.H., Delta, B.C.
  • “The E-Mail you are sending is very interesting, and helpful.” – H.B., Dothan, AL
  • “Thanks for your help regarding my recent thoughts. I’ve studied your suggestions closely. I’m taking your advise. You’re a great help to me!” … “Thanks for the Reversal Setups, Confirmations & Filters. It’s so nice to have it contained on one page. So beautifully simple.” – J.D., Ottawa, Ontario
  • “With your help this is all starting to make more sense.” – S.C., Monroe, LA
  • “Thanks for all your help. I appreciate being able to call someone when I need help!” – S.F., Cartersville, GA
  • “You are the best teacher I have ever had. Your instruction is a wax on wax off approach. Thanks for helping me become a better trader, a better person and a better Christian.” – B.W., Stone Mountain, GA
  • “I enjoyed the course immensely. I definitely learned more in one week than I have ever learned in the past. You’re an excellent teacher” – G.T., Montague, NJ
  • “I just wanted to thank you again for the life changing teaching. Never in my life would I have believed I could meet a person of such character, intelligence and integrity and at the same time learn how to recognize and trust a method of real time, hard right edge pattern formation and reversal setups. I feel like I have seen and DONE the impossible. I am forever in your debt. You are a friend indeed.” … “Paul Quillen is a true expert and genius and friend.” – H.L., Coral Springs, FL
  • “My trading is doing very well!!!!!” – F.R., Kettleby, Ontario, Canada
  • “Thank you for the training week at your office. It was a very instructive learning experience. I really appreciate what you have done for me. Hope to see you and your wife soon when you come to Houston.” – J.G., Houston, Texas
  • “I thought I would send you a line to let you know how trading is going for me. Today marks the 8th day in a row that I have booked a profit. I now trade the E-Mini and I have no problem taking the risk. I value the time I spent with you….” – R.P., West Point, UT
  • “I would like to thank you for all that you have done on your method. It has worked really well for me.” – D. G., Monroe, LA
  • “By refining many of the tools I had been using in accordance with the things you taught me I have gotten a considerable better grip on the problem. Thanks a bunch.” … “You have received all kinds of testimonials in appreciation for your sharing. This is the best way I can figure to say, Thank You Very Sincerely for the inspiration and education you gave me.” … “My hat is off to you. I would consider that I received in the neighborhood of ten times the price of the tuition fee in terms of value received.” – J. P., Tyler, TX
  • “Thanks for everything. I love your system.” “I learn a lot from your updates.” – J.S., Newnan, GA
  • “Things continue to go well here. I continue to see the wisdom of the ideas and methods you have shared with me.” – M.M., Valdosta, GA
  • I want to thank you for the five day trading course. It was a great opportunity for me to learn about day trading – “real stuff.” I consider that I had a great start and now it is in my hands. At the moment have been watching the market with a different view. Thank you very much for everything. Please don’t forget to send me your e-mails.” – J.L., Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • “As always, thanks for the daily trade reports. I can’t think of anything that could help me accelerate my learning curve more. I never fail to learn something from your comments.” – J.G., Kingsport, TN
  • “Your evening updates are incredibly helpful.” – J.M., Mill Valley, CA
  • “Just spent half an hour analyzing your blow-by-blow … fabulous education.” – J.G., Toronto, Ontario
  • “Those daily e-mails are worth their weight in gold!” – W.M., Germantown, MD
  • “Thank you for;
    1.  Researching so diligently & thoroughly.
    2.  Reaping the rewards to the point of boredom.
    3.  Being willing to share, humbly.
    4.  For following up on my inquiry to J.B. concerning talking indicators.
    5.  Helping me get more competitive after taking an 8 year sabattical.
    6.  All the items you gave which aren’t covered by the above.
    Sincerely & Thankfully, J.P.”, Enterprise, AL
  • “…first time in my life traded with confidence…” – A.K., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • “I can’t thank you enough for the help you have given me.” “The daily dialogues are a big help.” “And you are 100% correct about the right brain and intuition. It seems the biggest issue is having patience to develop in this area. It seems as I stay engrossed in my observations I see myself getting better and better at predicting what the crowd will do next in the short term. – C.J., Longmont, CO
  • “Boy you sure nailed it Friday. I really enjoyed your comments.” – C.F., Milltown, IN
  • “Loved your course!” – E.W., Sebastopol, CA

and a year later…

  • “Thanks for your help today! You’re the best.” – E.W., Sebastopol, CA
  • “As I sit here in front of my computer with real-time data, the trades begin to unfold right before my eyes with uncanny accuracy. The fun of this goes beyond “Just Making Money”, but rather the challenge and fulfillment gives me satisfaction. Of all the “DayTrading Training” that exists, I personally feel really blessed to have been directed towards your schooling. I hope to be a blessing to others the way you have been to me.” – C.J., Longmont, CO
  • “Thanks again, especially for your commentary, which is very helpful.” – G.R., Frederick, MD
  • “I really like your concept of risk.” – E.C., Moorestown, NJ
  • “One of the best things you taught me was money management. I wouldn’t be around today without it.” – T.C., Medinah, IL
  • The computer works great. – A.M., Switzerland
  • …thank you for your daily commentary…..VERY helpful for me….thank you again …, H.V., Los Angeles, CA
  • “Thanks for the additional indicator.” – B.V., Grand Rapids, MI
  • “Just to let you know that since the last date of the seminar (now about 3 months) I have been reading the material you gave me and trading on paper with your technique. You have to remember that I never traded futures before. I have been in many seminars but yours is by far, the best. There is no comparison. Your capacity and dedication to teach is superb. Thanks for sharing your technique with me, I will always be in debt with you.” – J.R.S., San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • “Thanks again for sharing these ongoing thoughts. Most helpful.” – J.O., Camano Island, WA
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  • “Thanks for your left/right-brain conversation. It is most helpful to read your commentary and thought processes. Getting in early and trusting that “educated-gut-feeling” is more than half the game.” – J.G., Kingsport, TN
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  • Was finally was in tune with you and it was a real pretty setup. It almost jumped off the screen at me.” “MAN THIS IS GREAT STUFF !” — M.I., Edinburg, TX
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  • “…thanks for the daily analysis it’s a great help.” — B.A., Villa Rica, GA
  • “Overall I think your work is just a piece of genius that as we all know is rare in today’s hyped commodity arena.” – E.Y., Geneva, IL
  • “Your support and inspiration goes way beyond the small fee that I paid you. Thanks for being part of my life !!!” – M.C., Midlothian, VA
  • “Paul of our group has most effectively modified some (and I mean only a portion) of Williams’ thinking into his own trading style and it is a style, not a system. Anyone interested should contact Paul who has gone much further and with greater clarity than Bill Williams.” – J.G., East Norwich, NY
  • “I have been very impressed with your system. In a word, outstanding! I really enjoy your e mail to fine tune my thoughts.” – J.S., Newnan, GA
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  • “Before I forgot it anymore I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the great daytrading course and the quality follow up with end-of-day e-mails on what trades you made and why, the times they occurred, when you exited (or got exited). What I appreciate is the honesty. You readily admit when a trade isn’t shaping up (it’s out of your control, anyway) and get out. In most of the “hype” advertised you’d think that all the systems work all the time. It’s refreshing to be learning a method that will work consistently once we get a handle on the basics of methodology and understand the psychology behind the moves in the market as well as our individual psychology governing our going with the flow or lack thereof. It’s not easy, but it can be done and I’m getting there (as you so well pointed out by asking me how long did it take me to learn what I do on a professional basis now). I certainly can’t thank you enough for all your help in getting through all the computer glitches I had when I first started. The integration of your indicators with the Omega software is fantastic–I couldn’t have done it by myself and am amazed at how well you put it all together and developed it. I appreciate being able to call you and get immediate help on a computer problem or understanding a market move better. I don’t like to call unless I have to because you’d be on the phone all the time, but I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your help getting started learning a reliable method to trade with and your support afterward. Those end-of-day e-mails really help to understand what we’re looking for in entry and exit points, placing of trailing stops, reversal points and signals, and the time of day those occur. I’m probably just babbling to you, but I really wanted you to know how much I appreciate you and your help. So many times we go through life and don’t thank enough people that have made a big impact on our lives….I didn’t want that to happen in light of how much you have helped me. Am I now a superstar trader? Not by a long shot, but I’m making steady progress. I really believe if I follow your “recipe” I will become a very good trader and as a result the money will follow. I’m now doing simulated broker trading starting this week. I’ve done limited trading with money, but can now definitely understand the importance of simulated trading. I have to get over the fear of picking the phone up when I know the time is right…I second-guess myself (left brain interference), then the low risk entry is gone. I have to get through not worrying about losing any money if my trade doesn’t work out…I believe the simulated trading will boost my confidence considerably, then the odds are more on my side. Again, I could go on and on, but thank you so much for everything. As the old Chinese proverb stated “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you’ll feed him for a lifetime”. Thanks for teaching me how to fish. Liz says Hi.” – M.P., Miami, OK
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  • “Trading is going good. Went short today just after the opening. [Note: after which there was a nice down move.] Your course has really helped my trading.” R.P., West Point, UT
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  • “I just got back from a week in France, vacationing on the beaches of southern France . . . and, of course, with all of my e-mini notes and books. (I can tell you for sure that I was the ONLY person on a Mediterranean beach studying e-mini notes the whole week.) While there, I studied and studied and studied, and I have to tell you that not only do I have such a better holistic understanding of Elliott Wave — albeit with many questions still — but also of your methods. Moreover, I am again recognizing that you are absolutely brilliant in how you’ve simplified all this stuff! I know you’re humble in accepting compliments, but really, I have to say “Bravo!” – Your loyal student, G.G. – NYC
  • “Just a brief note… I want to say THANKS. I’ve been trading using your system over the last 2 weeks and have put between — – — in my account every day! I’m containing my enthusiasm, staying “level” and keeping an open mind. I owe so much of this to you.” – J.D., Ottawa, Ontario
  • “Thanks for your help. I really get a lot out of your emails. Your market analysis is really helpful, as is your answers to the various questions asked by students. Thanks for all of your help.” – Best regards, D.H., Delta, B.C.
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  • “This morning after weeks of ‘stage 1’ chart time, it blew me over like a runaway Mack truck. It was the revelation that there truly is NO INDICATOR ANYWHERE that can ever give me a consistently profitable buy or sell signal by itself (even yours!). I know you taught me this but only today did I TRULY realize it. It’s one thing to understand this intellectually but quite another to have the big light go on. I can now see the movement of the market, it’s dips, rallies and trends clearly! I’ve found that ALL indicators, no matter how expensive or exotic, are delayed and will always come late and add to the risk if used as an entry. For me things will work as I let go of fear and begin to trade the market with intuition and experience, and proper money management. The best the indicators can do is confirm what I already see. That’s it!!!!!! I can’t begin to tell you what a great day this is for me. Thank you and keep preaching the real truth.” – K.G., King of Prussia, PA
  • “The 500, 1000, and 2000 tick charts are worth their weight in gold!” … “Thanks again for all your help!” – D.M., San Dimas, CA
  • “This is great stuff … I’m debating about giving you a percentage of monthly profits …. Hmmmmmm. You definitely need to raise your price.” – M.S., SLC
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  • “Thanks very much for the excellent report on Japanese Candlesticks. This is so much better than anything we could read about, because it is specific to the type of trading we are doing! I often wondered about some of your daily reports when you called something dark cloud cover or piercing line, and the reversal pattern was not the classical pattern that you see in textbooks. I see now that these patterns do not have to be as exact as they might be if these were for daily charts. This handout really helps me to see what is important to look for when trying to decide if we are looking at a reversal or just a minor correction. Thanks for sending it to me.” – D.H., Delta, BC
  • “Received your Candlestick Pattern doc .. Great stuff, good show!” – M.S., SLC
  • “I love this.” … “This is unbelievable.” – A.L., Newton Highlands, MA
  • “Instead of staring at the screen all the time and trying, today I didn’t try at all and just glanced at the screen every now and again. It made a big difference and I saw a great entry without even trying!” – P.B., Frederick, MD
  • Very nice review today. We need to see those comments for trades that look “one way” but, end up going the “other way”. Reading your comments about those trades that look “fairly good” but are “maybes” is a quite insightful and instructive.” – M.S., SLC
  • “I just want to say THANKS for all your kind help over the past year. You’re the best kept secret in futures.” – J.D., Ottawa, Ontario
  • “Thank you for all your help and support this year. I know I have been greatly blessed by having met you this year.” – T.K., North Canton, OH
  • “I am getting close. Thanks for your continued patience and support.” – M.C., Midlothian, VA
  • “You’re a life saver. Thank You Sir.” – M.S., SLC
  • “Just wanted to let you know that I have taken 12 straight [simulated] trades in a row – all winners (according to your definition – close out 2 positions). My profit has increased dramatically, unbelievably really. Now I know this “roll” can’t continue indefinitely, but the improvements in the last month (?) or so has been spectacular. Now, do you think your CD has anything to do with it? I listen to it 5 or 6 times a day, sometimes more sometimes less. Personally, I think it is a combination – getting deeper into the nuances of trading, and the CD. Whatever it is, boy am I thrilled. If I keep this up I will start trading the 1st of February. Anyway, just wanted to keep you posted and thank you for all your help. I don’t know how the average Joe or Sally can learn this business without a dedicated mentor like you!” – T.K., North Canton, OH
  • “Thanks for the help. I really appreciate all you’ve done and are doing for me. You’re a prince. Thanks!” – T.L., Cartersville, GA
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed your course and now see the market differently than I ever did before. I do not like to generalize, however I am convinced that most people, like me, are not ready to trade once the week with you is over. The material has to be mastered and practice is critical to avoid costly mistakes. This is true of most courses. However, the difference between your course and others I have taken is that you are still there available to your students to support and guide them once the course is over. Many of your competitors cannot be found and are reluctant to provide the assistance which is critically needed once the initial instruction period is over. Thanks for everything and you have become a good friend.” – A.L., Newton Highlands, MA
  • “Appreciate these e-mails. Thanks.” – H.B., Dothan, AL
  • “Elliott Rules!!!” – M.S., SLC
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  • “I really like the new email or i should say i like pictures better than a verbal description thankyou very much!!!” – S.F., Cartersville, GA
  • “These snapshots are great!! It really makes clear what we should be looking for!” and “I think these snapshots are such a great way to teach!! I already emailed you a “Thankyou” before, but I was so excited that last night when I woke up in the middle of the night, I couldn’t go back to sleep, because I just kept thinking about these snapshots!” – D.H., Delta, BC
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  • “A picture is worth a thousand words. Your students are going to love these.” – T.K., N. Canton, OH
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  • “I really like your addition of the chart pictures and lines to your nightly updates. This is a neat game and I never stop learning. This gives me an added diminution and subtle points I am still missing or not able to see (yet).” – D.T., Chapel Hill, NC
  • “Love the new ‘on the graph’ labels Much easier for me to follow.” – G.S., Lubbock, TX
  • “Thanks for showing the charts and the counts. Superb! Brilliant! Makes things so much clearer. Can see now how the waves can fit into known patterns – especially like the congestion today – that I have never understood or seen before. And probably never would have. Excellent job.” R.S., Austin, TX
  • “Sending the pictures of the charts is 100% better than just explaining it with words..excellent work.” – G.T., Montague, NJ
  • “Those JPGs are great stuff. Thank you.” – K.G., King of Prussia, PA
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  • “This JPEG approach is GREAT! really good stuff ….” – M.S., SLC, UT
  • “Your new graphics are terrific!!!” – J.M., Gahanna, OH
  • “This way of relaying what to look for is great. Thanks” – B.V., Grand Rapids, MI
  • “Thanks for all your continual efforts of keeping us on the right track and as I said before, the charts are really a great learning tool.” – D.T., Chapel Hill, NC
  • “Many thanks for your assistance yesterday.” A.L. – Newton Highlands, MA
  • “I had a great time there in Cartersville, GA. It was a wonderful experience. I thank you for your wonderful hospitality. You have made yourself a friend for life.” R.M. – Canoga Park, CA
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed my week of tutoring.” – J.C., Powell, TN
  • “I’m really enjoying the new format. What a great way to communicate! I look forward to your emails.” – J.D., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  • “Those charts you send out work great. Not only can I go over my trades for the day visually, but I can compare your colours to mine.” – K.R., Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
  • “…they JUMP-OUT OFF the screen and it’s sooooooo OBVIOUS! Thanx again for your really COOL ‘methodology’!” – R.M., Canoga Park, CA
  • “AWESOME! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” – T.K., North Canton, OH
  • “I’ve been watching/observing the charts intently everyday since our meeting (22 sessions straight) the whole entire session from opening bell to close. The key word here is “intently”, observing the “price action/patterns”. I am beginning to understand how intuition is developed. Your mind “absorbs” these “patterns” and stores it in your brain and the key here is that you’re not even “trying” to memorize these patterns. Your mind automatically just does it without you even knowing it, “subconsciously”. So when a pattern shows up, you experience something like “deja vu” it looks “familiar” — but you don’t know why, you just do. And after these type of experiences repeat themselves time after time, you begin to “trust” your INTUITION. Simply AMAZING!!! But you can only develop this by watching the charts LIVE in real time price action CONSISTENTLY. I can now see how veteran traders who’ve been watching the charts for a long period of time have that “Traders Intuition”. I think it’s something very unique and special. Just “experiencing” it for just a little, now gives me even more motivation/incentive to watch the charts every day and it now doesn’t seem as “mundane/boring” anymore!” – R.M., Canoga Park, CA
  • “IMHO, your “methodology” is basically what you claim it is, “pattern recognition” & “price action” based on an individual’s “intuition”. And this intuition is developed by simply “watching/observing” charts for cycling patterns & price movement along side with certain indicators/data and how they relate to each other. After a while, a person begins to “sense” what may happen next and when their intuition “matures” to the point where it is right a majority of the time, they can basically “trust” it and become what is known as an “intuitive trader”. As an intuitive trader, their intuition automatically knows when & when not to use indicators/data based on their past observations. They really wouldn’t be able to explain to you when & when not to use them, they just know based on their “instincts”. So, the only way to become a successful trader is to simply invest the TIME to “observe/watch” the charts for repetitive characteristics. This may take a while, but think about high paying professionals and how long it took them to develop their “skills”. But I don’t think it’ll take 4 years of sitting in front of a monitor to become an intuitive trader! (big grin)” – R.M., Canoga Park, CA
  • “I can still hear the echos from your answer to my question ‘How can you tell when you have a reversal?’ Your answer: ‘It looks like one.’ A better answer there never was.” – K.G., King of Prussia, PA
  • “I felt good about this weeks trading and just wanted you to know. I had 5 positive days in a row. I’m very satisfied with my progress…I feel this was a breakthrough for me. I relied far less on indicators and more on intuition…what a difference that made. I was more flexible in price movement (against me) and found that listening to my instincts kept me calm and made it enjoyable. Thanks for all your support….I’ll keep you updated with my progress.” – M.C., Kitchener, Ontario
  • “Thanks for your help, and for all the great pictures of chart formations that you send at the end of the day. They are very helpful!” – D.H., Delta, B.C.
  • “I saw this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited because I KNEW WHAT I WAS LOOKING AT! Very very cool. I was going to call to verify but I knew you were vacationing, I mean working in Florida. Thanks!!!” – T.K., N. Canton, OH
  • “Well, it has been different since meeting with you. I get a sense for the flow of the market based upon watching the charts. I am careful not to ‘force’ or control the market, rather flow with it. Yesterday, was especially fun since I thought that we were in a wave 3 pattern, which took us down with zig-zag triangles with a lot of white space, and thrusts, which seemed to indicate a panic among buyers and sellers. Today, the reversal provided me with just what I needed, being able to be flexible and flow with the market, not just go short. Overall, I am cautious but anxious for the next few weeks to go by and establish the base of my knowledge. I have been extending my day to include either reading of the manuals, or going through the charts. I will add that the candlesticks are becoming easier to follow! Well, enough rambling, back to reading! Oh one more thing, your CD is excellent! Also, I am looking at the charts that we went through and it reminded me that I was amazed at the 500 tick chart and how easy it was to follow the flow! Hopefully, I am not making this too easy.” – K.H., Woodstock, GA
  • “Killer C3 entry this morning on the 1TRF of 11 area …. yeah baby!!!!” – M.S., SLC, UT
  • “Hope things are going well for you. It is almost a year since I came to see you to take your daytrading course. I find that the more I watch the market, the better I get at predicting what is going to happen next. All of your training is working!! I appreciate your ongoing help and support.” – D.H., Delta, B.C.
  • “Thanks again for today, and thanks for taking the time to help me out.” – M.Y., Atlanta, GA
  • “Beautiful notes and analysis Paul. Thanks for everything!” – J.D., Ottawa, Ontario
  • “I was simply amazed and excited when I saw your method work in real time for the very first time. It would’ve been so cool if I was introduced to this when I just got out of High School. All that time wasted in Community College and Trade School … I never really got to make use of any of the things I learned there. Trading is so much more “worth” the “time” invested!” – R.M., Canoga Park, CA
  • “Two and a half years later and I still love reading your emails every day.” – A.P., Australia
  • “I hope this is a normal feeling I’m having, but you tell me. Since I left your home and am watching, watching, watching the charts, I have been correct on all major moves. No bragging here, just good stuff.” – D.B., Kent, WA
  • “I caught an awsome C3 this morning.” – M.S., SLC, UT
  • “Thanks for all your “behind the scenes” work with NeoTicker! I’m really impressed and grateful for your efforts on behalf of all your students. Yep, we’re lucky to have you!” – J.D. Ottawa, Ontario
  • “Big thanks to you for everything!!! 🙂 I am a happy camper… :-)” – H.G., Battle Creek, MI
  • “Back in Germany I had my first success stories the last two weeks: I saw the first patterns popping from the screen. 🙂 Now I know the stuff works, which gives me confidence to continue. But it’s still a long way to go. Since my visit in Cartersville I don’t feel any pressure to force things to work. I’m just watching the screen when I feel like it.” – E.S., Filderstadt, Germany
  • “Thanks again to both of you guys for all the high-grade training last week and the hospitality from both of you and your wife Paul. It was all a refreshing change from the norm that I’ve experienced in the trading world. Imagine……Finally…..trading, successfully on my own, using your simple procedures, with no frustrating systems, that don’t work or eventually fail or having to rely on expensive chat rooms and advice services, who’s self-proclaimed “experts” are all using their ‘doomed to fail’ systems. Thank God those bridges are now burning behind me. I’ll keep in touch and hopefully won’t bother you with too many questions, as I become more self reliant.” – A.C., Ridgeway, Ontario
  • “You’re always so helpful!!” – M.C., Kitchener, Ontario
  • “I just saw a third wave and made more points with less contracts. The trades are so clear and your system creates confidence and certainty. Been listening to your affirmations CD. … This week was the most successful week I have had, as far as consistency, and half the week I used my old TradeStation candlesticks on short time intervals. Kudos to your work. … Another great day, thanks.” – R.S., Beverly Hills, CA
  • “I am learning a lot and thank you so much for everything.” – L.E., Romeoville, IL
  • “Just wanted to send you an update on how things are going. Since I’ve taken your course I have spent many hours looking at charts, and I must say, that has been of extreme benefit. Of course, just looking at charts is helpful; but knowing what to look for is powerful. Before I took your course, I had no idea how important having an edge can be when it comes to trading. Putting the probabilities in my favor takes the emotion out of trading. It’s no wonder that you never get ahead in this trading business when you don’t have a plan and stick to that plan. I review your manuals regularly and the book you recommended, “Trading In The Zone” has been of great value. I love the Neoticker program and the way you set it up for me. It’s nice to get up in the morning and not have to tweek anything or add the latest indicator or look for things that are not there. Simplicity really is a key and I must say that having an uncluttered chart has been wonderful. I am starting to see things in the charts now that I didn’t see before, and what’s really exciting is that they are sort of popping out at me every now and then. Not all the wave patterns are real clear but when they are, ooh la la. I am amazed at how accurate the reversal patterns are that you taught.” – D.B., Kent, WA
  • “I am very thankful to have taken your course and to have met you…. Amazing the things The Lord does for us…
    :-)” – H.G., Battle Creek, MI
  • “Hey Paul. I just wanted to thank you for the great week.” – R.H., Casper, WY
  • In response to an emailed commentary: “Please don’t let your head get too inflated by my compliment :o) but that is probably the most succinct, the best trading advice I think I have ever read, and the number of books on trading I have devoured is at least 60. I know it’s nothing new for you, but it sums up trading perfectly. Thank you for sending it!” – G.G., NYC
  • “BTW that manual you gave me is first class, I know you put a lot of time into it.” – B.A., Villa Rica, GA
  • “Everything worked great, thanks for the great help, as usual.” – S.A., Franklin, NC
  • “I am very grateful for your help, my Neoticker chart is up and running perfectly.” – S.S., Atlanta, GA
  • “Quick note to once again thank you for last week, had a great time and learned a lot.” – M.O. – Ormond Beach, FL
  • “Thanks for all you have done for me. You have become a wonderful friend.” – A.L. – Newton Highlands, MA
  • “Paul, thanks to you and your wife for your hospitality. It was a super informative week and all I had hoped for.” – R.B., Putnam, CT
  • “I have had to ‘re-learn’ each lesson you taught me the hard way. But I’ve found that lessons learned this way are not easily forgotten. What’s neat is that what you taught was right-on in each case, and my mistakes have confirmed what you taught me. As a result I’ve found it easy to internalize these lessons over time. I now know what I need to do, and only need to be patient and tell myself no as often as necessary to avoid the bad trades. As you’ve said many times, we are paid to wait for the good ones. Thank you again.” – K.G., King of Prussia, PA
  • “…hope things are going well with you…my dad and I are using your system religiously…thanks for all the help.” – M.C., Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
  • “Your images that you have been sending me have been very helpful.” – K.C., Richmond, VA
  • “I love it when the charts you send out reflect the very same entry I saw.” – D.B., Kent, WA
  • “This is perhaps the best answer I have ever received to a question. Hope to see you soon.” – T.S., TX
  • “I would like to thank you for everything your doing and what you did for me. It is the best thing that happened to me so far. Sincerely wishing you and your family happiness and all that brings you joy in the new year.” – M.J., Kissimmee, FL
  • “Hope you are well and are having a wonderful Christmas season. I’ve been wanting to write for some time now, but as you know from our time together in mid-November, I am not someone who wastes many words. However I did want to let you know that I am progressing well with the method. In fact, faster than I thought. After about a week of watching the market and paper trading, certain patterns (but not all of them) were just screaming to be traded. So I did but limited the trades to one per day. The trades have been going well and I expect that after the first of the year I will be able to step it up just a bit more. Also want to mention how much I enjoyed the book “Trading in the Zone”. It is right on the mark. In fact some parts could have been written about my trading experiences. Really great work. Thanks also for your continuing support, your comments and e-mails are greatly appreciated. Happy New Year to you and your family.” – L.M., Torrance, CA
  • “Thank you for all the support you give everyone, I really appreciate your efforts for us.” – D.S., Locust Grove, GA
  • “This is amazing! Thanks for continuing to raise the bar, keeps the learning process captivating and fresh.” – M.Y., Lithonia, GA
  • “Thanks for the feed back from the other day.” – S.A., Franklin, NC
  • “Thanks for the comments on trying. Even though you’ve said it before, it’s always helpful to hear it again and again and again.” – Y.N., Raanana, Israel
  • “This little bit of advice is the best advice for me. The trap you describe of trying to figure it out, and looking back, is something I do quite frequently. Any other bits of advice along these lines would be greatly appreciated!” – J.F., Gibson Island, MD
  • “Thanks for all of the emails and general information you send out. They are greatly appreciated” – S.A., Franklin, NC
  • “Thank you for your answers to my questions today and your charts.” – L.E., Romeoville, IL
  • “Thanks for your insight and your willingness to help out. You are a good friend!” T.K., Canton, OH
  • “Also wanted to let you know, every week or so I spend some quality car time listening to your CD. It’s funny but it really helps me make subconscious -> conscious shifts , and probably other stuff I am not even aware of as well.” – J.A., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • “It seems that the best moves are, sometimes, very subtle. If you are trying to see anything, even trying to go with the trend or look for a reversal, you will miss it because you are “focused” on something and not letting it happen. You just have to be.” – J.A., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • “On a side note I am now simulated trading, and doing well. I am really waiting for the trades and not overtrading. Thanks for providing me with the tools to create my own trading system, and a method where I can learn valuable lessons without losing real money.” – R.H., Casper, WY
  • “I know what you mean when you say “let the chart grab you” because this happened to me last week on the tick chart.” J.A., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • “Wow! Thanks very much for the great insight Paul. A few more layers here than I imagined. Glad I asked!” – J.D., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  • “I just wanted to thank you for sharing your valuable trading experiences. I appreciate it so much.” – L.E., Romeoville, IL
  • “Great advice and good to hear over and over till it sinks in. Old habits don’t die easily. I am beginning to understand more how this business of trading has a lot more to do with my frame of mind and how I think than actually finding and making good trades. (I know you’ve said that over and over) In the past if something wasn’t working the way I wanted it to I would try tweaking it a bit. Never worked long term. This aspect of waiting (patience) is starting to become a part of my thinking process. I am resolved to make meaningful and lasting changes in my life no matter how long it takes. I didn’t get this way overnight and I’m not expecting real change to happen overnight. Just understanding this part of it and knowing I can’t make it happen is somewhat of an emotional relief. The fact that I am forced to think differently in order to trade effectively is actually spilling over into other areas of my life as well. God really does work all things together for good to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.” – D.B., Kent, WA
  • “Thanks for today’s analysis. A nice, clean trade. Patience is a virtue.” – J.D., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  • “I have taken your advice and quit trying and looking. Things are going a lot better.” – L.W., Birmingham, AL
  • “I study them religiously!” (referring to the emailed chart pictures) – Y.N., Raanana, Israel
  • “Again, amazing. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. I feel like a kid with a new toy.” – D.B., Kent, WA
  • “Things are so much clearer now. I guess you have to be at the right stage to understand that. I know I heard you say many times at your office and through emails to stop trying. It just kinda “clicked” for me. I am really excited now! Still apprehensive about the high number of successes. Plan to keep doing this until I convince myself that it is for real! How many times have you heard that in the past? This is great!” – L.W., Birmingham, AL
  • “Everything is going well. The hardest part has been NOT TRYING and so far it’s working. Watching went well, paper trading has gone well and most importantly the emotional roller coaster is gone!” – F.F. Stirling, NJ
  • “Arrived home last Wed. and started paper trading on Friday. I am a little frightened. I’m doing so well on paper that it’s unbelievable. Like $3600 since Friday.” – R.S., West Chester, PA
  • “Wow!! You are right on with this less charts idea. It’s actually refreshing to have fewer charts to look at. Not bouncing through a dozen charts for confirmation. It was a little tuff closing them down, thinking I might be missing something. In reality though, it was more harmful because it kept me second guessing and having to rely on more information, rather than my intuition and a small amount of confirmation. I could easily recommend this procedure to others as I’m sure there are a lot of traders out there just like me. I really enjoy all the charts you provide and the support as well, but now that most of my charts are closed, I feel more clear, more focused and less overwhelmed. Thank You.” – D.B., Kent, WA
  • “One of my childhood fantasies (besides a desire to fly) was to speak to anyone in their own language. Your focused application of Elliot is something of a Rosetta Stone, and I feel as though I were tapping into the thoughts of the masses. It is a challenge to keep my emotions in check, but that too is a lesson you impart. Paul, I took your course to make money. Several times you cautioned that this focus will lead one aground. I recall my thoughts of, why wouldn’t I focus on the money? But as I sit here before the charts I must admit that the thrill is breaking the code and sensing the flow; I can truthfully say that, at this moment, the money is secondary! Amazing.” B.A., Bakersfield, CA
  • “Thanks for the charts from yesterdays trade. I did it perfectly including the stops. It’s nice to know that you got it right.” – R.S., West Chester, PA
  • “Yes, it’s been a significant boost and affirmation for me to read your thoughts. It’s absolutely a benefit and is something I’ve valued very much. You’ve been my lighthouse. Words fail me right now. Thank you.” – J.D., Ottawa, Ontario
  • “As I mentioned, my company policies prohibit me from trading futures but the concepts I learned have been invaluable in my longer-term position trading in ETFs & stocks (not to mention helping me make money for our clients!).” D.R., West Des Moines, IA
  • “Paul your system really works, the more patient I get the better its works.” – R.B., Putnam, CT
  • “You may recall, I ordered THREE WISHES DVD while I was at your house. We watched it last night and loved it! Very pertinent to our frame of mind for trading. Thanks for the recommendation.” – F.P., Manasquan, NJ [Note: this movie is a great one for teaching that when you try you often get the opposite result. Another good movie that covers that point is Mr. Holland’s Opus.]
  • “Studying your FAQ book – and getting A LOT of value from it.” – F.P. Manasquan, NJ
  • “Just a short note. I changed my workstation set-up as a result of the recent correspondence you sent out. Things feel so clear. I’m much happier so far, not flipping up and down endlessly, just reading what the 30 sec chart gives and looking at 250 occasionally for re-test perspective. So simple. It feels right.” – J.D., Ottawa, Ontario
  • “You know, Paul, I have been thinking a lot about the service you offer. Even though you and I have never met (I’ll change that soon) I know that you probably do this more for the personal satisfaction it must bring you than for the money. I have done a lot of teaching throughout my life and I know that I have probably derived more satisfaction from that than from any other part of my career. I also don’t think I have ever met anyone in this industry, and that includes a lot of trainers and seminar leaders, who offer more value for the money. On more than one occasion I have spent more money for a lot less. Just thought I would add those thoughts today.” – T.S., San Antonio, TX
  • “Thank you for your concise reply. It hits the nail on the head. I do feel some pressure each morning to enter a trade. And as I have read through your volume of EMail Testimonies, I have gleaned that I am focused in the wrong place. I will focus more on minimizing losses, and I wrote a note here above my monitor to “Let the Chart Grab You”, (i.e.. wait to trade the blatantly obvious signals).” B.B., Conyers, GA [Note: He’s not a student, just a fellow that I helped via email.]
  • “One of the things I am adjusting to is the fact that this stuff really does work: most frequently, when I spot a good setup, it actually IS following through. I’ve never experienced that before, so, as I say, I’m just getting used to that feeling.” – F.P., Manasquan, NJ
  • “I’ve been specifically avoiding reflecting on the way I used to analyze the market. However, this AM, I recalled all the time and effort I spent on pre- and post-market prep, complicated – and confusing – routines with endless indicators; and I had one simple feeling now that I’m starting to develop some skill in your methodology: tremendous RELIEF.” – F.P. – Manasquan, NJ
  • “Hey, thanks for caring Paul. All is well in life and trading, no worries!” – Y.N., Raanana, Israel
  • “That one just jumped off the screen at me. Got to remember how it looks and feels when “it just jumps off the screen”. It’s taken me awhile to believe in that. Probably mostly because of too much trying to figure it out.” – F.P., Manasquan, NJ
  • “Two trades on the upside both successful. I made two trades on the downside this morning both successful.” R.S., Beverly Hills, CA
  • “Caught a couple of other nice moves this AM, too. Learning / remembering the frame of mind for taking the good signals, plus learning / remembering to heed the times when that’s NOT present.” – F.P., Manasquan, NJ
  • “Your annotated charts are really great…. Thanx” – B.C., Culpeper, VA
  • “I’ve had and still have a lot of questions, but I’ve noticed that as I go through your manuals a lot of my questions are being answered. You’ve packed a ton of information in your materials, it’s just a matter of reading and re-reading everything until it all sinks in.” – F.C., Newport Beach, CA
  • “Thank you for your response and guidance in helping me to understand what I need to do to get back on the right track.” – P.D., Amherst, Nova Scotia
  • “I have a few questions for you. First a quick update. I have been watching the market in the mornings and have really come a long way in seeing patterns develop. I have also done some paper trading and done well.” D.S., Lubock, TX
  • “This question and answer stuff really does something for me. I think I have found my niche, and I am ready to roll.” – P.S., Kingston, Ontario
  • “BTW, I saw several examples today of how well your trailing stop system works and why it is so important to give the price some room in order to stay with the trend.” – S.G., Vienna, VA
  • “I don’t know how to describe it. You know your name, don’t have to think about it, and if you always put your keys on a hook you go to the hook without thinking……you just know. Well the last couple of weeks looking at the charts sometimes I just know its an entry and I can’t describe it. Of course being handicapped with an unusually strong left brain I just HAD to figure it out, take out the screwdriver and take it apart to see how it works. As soon as I started noticing it when it was happening and started to try to figure it out it stopped working!!! So now I just sit back and enjoy the ‘feeling’ and do NOT try to figure it out!!” – F.F., Stirling, NJ
  • “Wonderful stuff, I was live on the DAX this morning and made my first profit. Personally I think that the hardest problem is to WAIT, I know that’s what you told me and after a few days of profit on SP running like a horse after the ticks and stops I will now try to go to WAIT MODE. This is the most fantastic thing I have ever seen and a lot of concentration is needed.” … “PAUL, YOU ARE THE KING!!”- J.V., Juan les Pins, France
  • “It was a very interesting week on an educational and personal level. We now feel that we have everything we need to know for day trading. You are one of a very few people who are truly dedicated to their work. Your detailed work is very impressive, and our job will be to implement that great work. We’d like to thank you and your family, especially Amy for your hospitality. Amy has done a amazing job putting together the manuals and supporting you.” – T.G., Glenview, IL
  • “I am Very Glad that, for Godly reason, made the decision to be your student and may God bless you and your family.” – I.H., Hudson, OH
  • “Just a note to say thanks for all your help. Since I have been able to focus more on the market over the last month I have gained considerable knowledge and confidence. I feel very good about the way of trading you teach and where I am in the process of learning it. Most of that I owe to you for your insightful (and patient) replies to all my questions.” – S.G., Vienna, VA
  • “I’m very impressed with your methodology…comparing to previous methods… yours looks great.” – R.H., Ocoee, FL
  • “I loved that your charts you sent out today (12-9-03) showed that move. It is exactly what I saw and traded, got 6 1/2 points out of it almost exactly as you drew the charts. I thought to myself latter after the trade was over “I’ll bet Paul sends that one as an example today”. It really does work!” – M.O., Ormond Beach, FL
  • “Thanks for the great services!” P.L., Lubbock, TX
  • “Focusing on money is the kiss of death. You have to focus on the art form.” That strikes me as some of the most valuable advice I’ve ever gotten regarding trading.” – F.P., Manasquan, NJ
  • “Since I am going to be without a computer for the next couple of weeks I will take this opportunity to thank you for all your help and advice this year. Every day I learn something new and a lot of that is due to your patient and insightful replies to my questions. I have grown more confident technically but have also learned enough to know that there is so much more to learn. As I watch the market each day I am starting to feel my intuition working and am excited about adding that whole new dimension to my trading. I will be listening to the Marcey tapes and CDs and plan on re-reading all your manuals over the next couple of weeks. I plan to start simulated trading when I get my computer back and I look forward to continuing to work together next year. I hope you and Lydia have a wonderful Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.” – S.G., Vienna, VA
  • “This is what I have come to really appreciate about you. Solid answers.” – T.S., San Antonio, TX
  • “Thanks for the reply to my question on yesterday’s trade. This stuff is second nature to you, but it’s very helpful to be reminded of the fundamentals – much simpler than I tend to make it. I still need to get it straight in my head that it is as simple and intuitive as you say it is, as you demonstrate over and over. But the extra commentary really helped hammer it home.” – F.P., Manasquan, NJ
  • “I think your methodology is great… your system works good.” – R.H., Ocoee, FL
  • “Keith and I think that you truly are a special, caring teacher. Thank you all of your support. Those e-mails help us tremendously.” – T.G., Glenview, IL
  • “Thank you that was priceless.” – I.H., Hudson, OH
  • “The 2 most important experiences of my life so for are, my birthday, my wedding day. Now I see what can become the third most important experience of my life: Starting your course.” – J.W., Leesburg, FL
  • “Very interesting the comments in this email, I.ve been there and could of easily written several of those questions but for me today I saw clearly a down day and made three short entries and came out with nearly 14 points today.” M.O., Ormond Beach, FL
  • “Thanks very much for the taking my phone call yesterday. You were spot on with your assessment. You hit the nail right on the head. The biggest thing that came out of the call was the retracement aspect of the my trade entry criteria. While I was picking C3 entries and placing good IPS’s previously I just wasn’t assessing what the probable retracement of the trade could be, and that obviously contributed markedly to my down fall. I know we covered it while I was with you, but for some reason I just wasn’t bringing it into my entry criteria. Thanks again, I get so much from your insights – keep it up.” – M.Q., Antigua, West Indies
  • “Wanted to let you know I received your revised, updated manuals, and I am absolutely loving them! They are everything your previous manuals were, but even better. I’m not just trying to flatter you when I say that your manuals are the singular best breakdown of Elliott trading that I have since I started this educational process three years ago. Bravo!” – G.G., NYC
  • “I’m getting there. The setups are beginning to grab me.” – T.S., San Antonio, TX
  • “I’ve been doing MUCH better since I very specifically implemented your advice to NOT focus on money, but to focus on the art form of trading. This is responsible for one of the most significant periods of improvement so far.” – F.P., Manasquan, NJ
  • “I’ve been studying the latest edition of your manuals, and I can see the valuable refinements compared to the earlier version I’ve got. I’m sure it was alot of work for all involved – many thanks for a job well done.” – F.P., Manasquan, NJ
  • “These pictures are EXTREMELY helpful to me.” – T.S., San Antonio, TX
  • “I am glad you send these charts, they help me see where either we are seeing the same thing or we are not, and if not why.. Keep it up.” – S.S., Hernando, MS
  • “Trading is going great! I love this method.” – M.S., San Rafael, CA
  • “Thanks, your comments have been very helpful and I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to send them.” – T.S., San Antonio, TX
  • “I am noticing now that I am not surprised when I look at your email charts at the end of the day because I already saw those trades.” – B.F., Kennesaw, GA
  • “I spent about 18 months with another well-known emini trading methodology, and was trading real money at about breakeven. At that point a friend off-handedly forwarded to me a description of Paul’s course, which immediately and ‘intuitively’ struck me as the right thing to do. Taking this course has proven to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.” – F.P., Manasquan, NJ
  • “Loving the new 250 tick TICK chart. Loving TSimEZ. You’re on a roll!” – F.P., Manasquan, NJ
  • “It can’t be this easy” – F.C., Newport Beach, CA
  • “The FIVE silver bullets are: 1. Patience. 2. Humility. 3. Isolation. 4. Controlled distractions. 5. Paul Quillen methods.” – G.G., NYC
  • “I love your approach and your flexibility / adaptability. It’s so different and preferable and more relaxed and more “organic” than how I used to approach the market. I’m certain that much of my time spent so far has been purging all that other stuff out of my system.” – F.P., Manasquan, NJ
  • “YOU ARE UNBELIEVABLE…………….with your commitment to help your students. THANK YOU” – T.G., Glenview, IL
  • “It just struck me (again) today how we’ve had 2 major enhancements quite recently: TSimEZ – certainly the biggest breakthrough that I’ve seen so far; and the “250 tick TICK” chart. One could easily take these things for granted, but I certainly don’t: many thanks to you for continuing to develop valuable new ideas and for making them available to us.” – F.P., Manasquan, NJ
  • “Paul, thank you for all your help it works great” – R.R., Norcross, GA
  • “Hey, I love these new and improved snapshots. The write down question on the first chart is a great idea! The question combines well with ones earlier memories of the same chart.” – P.S., Kingston, Ontario, Canada
  • “I just wanted to thank you for an outstanding course. The computer set-up, software, and e-mail support make this an outstanding value for anyone seriously interested in Day Trading. The tireless effort you put into this course has changed my life. Thanks for everything. I also want to thank the rest of your great family for putting up with my presence for an entire week.” – P.P., Port Aransas, TX
  • “Here’s the thing: when I bought my BBQ smoker from Jim Cattey in Kansas City, he told me that it would go 4 hours (unheard-of in mass-market smokers) without me having to fuss at all with the charcoal in the fire. After I got it and got good at using it, I told him it was going 8 hours (no exaggeration) without me touching the fire. He said that he can’t tell people that ahead of time because they simply won’t believe him. I’m starting to think the same thing applies with you: for one who acquires skill in your approach, the results far exceed what you can describe to them in advance, because it would seem unbelievable.” – F.P., Manasquan, NJ
  • “I will tell you again how valuable these entry pictures are. I feel like I’m right there with you. I remember my assessment of each setup as it was occurring, and seeing you execute them is giving me confidence to take them in good time. It’s super-charging your course to offer this. Super-charging. I can’t be the only one who feels this way. And if I am, too bad – they don’t appreciate what you’re offering. I know it takes a lot of time and effort to annotate all those pictures, but they are IMMENSELY VALUABLE – especially to have them on the same day they occurred.” – F.P., Manasquan, NJ
  • “Hi Paul, just wanted to tell you that I really appreciate all of the pictures you sent out last week. They are extremely helpful (invaluable, really) learning tools, especially all of the commentary on trade management. You mentioned in response to another email last week that making decisions about shedding and trade management is an art form. I am beginning to think that it is much more of an art form than identifying low risk entry setups. From looking over last week’s trades it is obvious that some low risk entries produce great moves, while others don’t. Nevertheless, through proper trade management you can minimize risk and preserve capital in the trades that don’t go very far, while giving yourself the opportunity to participate in a big move, when it occurs. I’m sure that it takes considerable time and effort to construct 40+ pictures with concise explanations of the decisions you made at each step. Again, I truly appreciate your commitment to your students.” – K.M., Pismo Beach, CA
  • “Thank you for your assistance this morning. I was up and running 3 minutes after we hung up.” – B.T., Coppell, TX
  • “Many thanks. now I understand what you mean by not to try too hard.” – S.A., San Pedro, CA
  • “The hourly sessions have been instrumental in keeping focused and on target. It’s like having a personal trainer. I have set appointments each week. This helps me bring clarity to the complex world of trading. I have a lot to learn and I feel this a wise investment of money and my time.” – J.H., Toronto, Ontario
  • “I’ll keep you posted, and thanks for your continued attention to my progress. BTW, I’m at such a different place psychologically, emotionally, and trading skill-wise, than I used to be, that I can’t even hardly remember what it used to be like.” – F.P., Manasquan, NJ
  • “Well you have made a believer out of me. Less is better.” [Referring to indicators and charts] – A.S., San Diego, CA
  • “Paul – thanks for sending the pictures for the last two days. I’ve benefitted a great deal from these pictures. I hope you continue to show multiple entry days, including losses.” – B.T., Coppell, TX
  • “I know you’re very humble about such things, but I’ve got to tell you again how incredibly educational and inspiring it is to see your entry pictures from a day like today, and yesterday, too. It also provides an excellent gauge of my progress – I have to say that I can see myself gradually, patiently developing the skills to follow in your footsteps.” – F.P., Manasquan, NJ
  • “I know you have heard this a thousand times but your course and support are awesome!” – R.H., Ocoee, FL
  • “You did a wonderful job setting up my computers and with the interface and methodology — along with the psychology — I feel like I do have an “edge” now. And it certainly means a lot having you there to turn to when there are problems.” – G.P., Saxton, PA
  • “Your three point methodology has gotten me back on track. 14 for 20. Doing better, feeling like a winner again. Will be careful to not get cocky. Thanks for the adjustment. You’re the chiropractor of trading…..” – A.S., San Diego, CA
  • “I learned a tremendous amount during the year-long course with you. But in addition to that, I’ve found your on-going support to be essential because you’re continually updating, refining and adapting your methodology. Staying current with these developments gives me a constantly improving edge in daytrading.” – F.P., Manasquan, NJ
  • “I would like to thank you for all the time you have put in to developing this methodology/psychology course it has been a GOD sent to me I’ve not asked a lot of questions lately because I’ve found them all to be answered in the charts you send out and its a good feeling to be entering the same trades that you are +or- some it gives me confidence.” – B.W., Cresson, TX
  • “I am trading with real money now; doing pretty good go far; seem to learn something every day.” – P.P., Paintsville, KY
  • “By the way, your comments today (I sent you three pictures) were especially helpful.” – B.T., Coppell, TX
  • “Paul you did a great job marking up the most recent charts. I really like you putting in your opinions and assumptions. Also showing all of your analysis through the trade was great.” – J.H., Toronto
  • “By the way I was 7 for 7 Friday. That is Trading in the ZONE!!” – A.S., San Diego, CA
  • “Once again, thank you for teaching me your method of trading. I suspect that most traders who develop a system as successful as yours is (and I’m guessing that there aren’t many of them) probably keep it to themselves. The fact that you share the “map to the hidden treasure” with others really shows the quality of person you are. Thanks for the great week. The fact that I was shown how to consistently make profitable trades during the worst bear week the NYSE has had in two years is really impressive.” – J.L., Conyers, GA
  • “You sent out an e-mail not too long ago in which you made a very interesting point. You said, “most people can easily stop making verbal if/then statements, but don’t realize that they’re continuing to create if/then statements subconsciously.” For the longest time, I think this is just what I was doing. I went out of my way to avoid creating verbal if/then boxes, but deep down (below my conscious awareness) I was still trying to figure it out. Watching the charts the past few days, I’ve found that I’m much more able to flow with the price and just let go of caring. Much less stressful. So after nearly a year of trying, the “feel” thing is finally starting to click. I guess it’s true what Alan Watts said… Sometimes you need to go “out of your mind” to come to your senses.” – D.S., Holbrook, NY
  • “Hi Robert, Thanks very much for spending this past week with me teaching me the DayTradingCourse. I found the course to be very interesting and informative. Although I have no previous experience in day trading, the concepts taught were simple and easily understood. I subscribe to the DayTradingCourse.Com philisophy of trading and I am sure I will do well when I start to put the principles of the course into practice. I have had a quick look at the course manuals you provided and these manuals are very impressive. I found the environment in your country estate to be a perfect setting for the course. The environment set a mood of relaxation and certainly helped me to absorb and appreciate the different nuances of trading. This was a great week and a great course!!! Thanks for preparing lunch for my return trip to Toronto. Best regards” – R.C., North York, Ontario, Canada
  • “Mike, I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much fun I had last week! I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed myself. I thought the course material was of excellent quality, and you were very patient and thorough in guiding me through it. I finished the week feeling very comfortable that eventually becoming a successful trader is an achievable goal for me, something that I was definitely uncertain about before I spent the week with you. I’m really looking forward to working with both you and Paul as I continue to work to develop my trading intuition over the next year. Thanks!” – J.S., Woodinville, WA
  • “Before your course I was completely stumped as to how to get a promising entry.” – E.R., Norcross, GA
  • “INCREDIBLY helpful. Word for word, probably the most valuable thing you have come up with in a very long time, if you ask me.” – F.P., Manasquan, NJ
  • “Thanks for the course. It.s really helping. Every week, I see things clearer than the week before.” – M.V., Mougins, France
  • “Thank you for every little thing, Paul… the hospitality, the meals, your patience, your kindness, and freely sharing from your extensive experience, wisdom, and hard-won expertise. I count it a privilege to have spent time with you. You do have a gift of simplifying the complex.” – H.E., Raleigh, NC
  • “I wanted to say this [new] 1 tick YM chart is nice,… it shows market emotion very well. Good job.” – C.J., Longmont, CO
  • “Interesting,… The charts from Tues. Jan 7th have been interesting in getting me to think outside the box.” – C.J., Longmont, CO
  • “Hi Paul, Really appreciate your entry pictures, both the files you gave me and the new ones you send. They are very helpful!” – M.H., Raleigh, NC
  • “Thanks for answering all those picture questions. I cannot tell you how helpful those and the entry pictures are.” “Thanks for all the updates this year. I have found them extremely helpful.” – H.E., Raleigh, NC
  • “Thank you again for the fine southern hospitality, the best barbecue I’ve ever eaten, and for all you taught me during my week with you. Kind regards to you and the wonderful DayTradingCourse team.” – R.M., Potomac, MD
  • “Paul I must tell you I am impressed with this trading system. I am carefully paper-trading today, on the ER2 only. I have had 13 trades (probably over-trading but it isn’t real money yet), with 10 winners and 3 losers. My imaginary 5 lot positions have gained $2,530. Since I have never consistently had a winning percentage over 50%, the 10 out of 13 is what has really pleased me. Plus, of the 3 losers, one wasn’t really a valid trade, I concluded after studying it a few minutes. It was an impulse based on what I saw at the moment, and shouldn’t have entered.” – B.M., Knoxville, TN
  • “I am one of Paul’s former students. I’m somewhat sorry to say I ignored the much of the psychological aspects of trading,… I dismissed it thinking it was for others but not for me,… but I had it altogether wrong,… very wrong. I know Paul has a variety of methods to move a trader into the zone. My stats show that when I make and effort to not allow myself to get “keyed up while the trade is on I do much better at staying in the zone. It has been 10 years since meeting with Paul, I now trade professionally for others. My business model has eight additional client accounts. I operate under a block account with a one to one ratio. That means for every contract I trade in my account, it is mirrored in my clients accounts. I get 25% of new profits. Today after commissions I made $x,xxx in my personal trading account. The fee’s collected from my clients today is $x,xxx. My total PnL for today is $x,xxx. I can honestly say staying in the zone is a deciding factor for having profitable days.” – C.J., Longmont, CO
  • “I would just like to say how much I am learning by reading your responses to the emails you received from students. This is a fantastic learning tool. Since I started simulated trading last week, and making lots of mistakes, I have been reading your responses to these old emails and have been comforted by the fact that what I am doing wrong has happened to other students. Your responses have helped me deal with issues like overtrading and dealing with trends.” – K.R., Norcross, GA”
  • “Robert, Thank you for a very enlightening and enjoyable week. I’ve been reading the manuals over and letting things sink in. The more I think about it, the more I appreciate the thought and energy that went into the design of this course. You carefully steered me away from many of the instinctual things I would have done, and kept me on the straight and narrow … I’d say, just the right thing for a successful daytrader!” T.B., Toronto, ON Canada
  • “Paul – This system is wonderful. Thank you so much. I rode what I think was a zig zag today (about 12pm) and walked away after shedding. Came back about 1:30pm and found that that 2nd wave led to quite a run. I then exited at market due to divergence. Wow. How cool is that?” – R.P., NY
  • “I’m trading the Forex. My trading is working out, earning money. I had to get over all the hangups, the pressure to be successful I had in business life. Life is wonderful, trading is fantastic! I thought it would be 3 months study and trading happily ever after, but its been about 2 years. I think everybody goes through this, it has to happen. Fortunately I had enough time on my side. I’m really happy I did what I did, signing up for your course and the psychological growth I’ve had. You have no idea what’s going on between your ears, you can’t force it, you have to work through it and let it take its own course. I had to realize I couldn’t influence it at all. It was a stroke of luck that I met Paul. I’ve really learned so much about myself over these couple of years. The key element is not forcing stuff, understanding that flow is how it works. It’s about self awareness. When you move to real money, you’re confronting your soul, the demons inside you, as if you’re nude in a mirror. You are simply confronting yourself and the psychology truly comes into play. It reared its head when I had to figure out why trading wasn’t working for me. It was me. You have to go there and you have to deal with your problems, it is you that is the problem. I can’t tell non-traders that, because they don’t get what I’m saying. But, I’m on the other side now and I’m really happy to be where I am. We’re moving to England for a year and it wouldn’t be possible without trading. Please give Paul my thanks and best regards from Vienna to you and Paul and the rest of the team!” – A.S., Vienna, Austria
  • “I can attest to your honesty, sincerity as well as the incredible support that you offer.” – A.R., Teaneck, NJ
  • Even if you struggle or have to take time off from trading, we’ll be there to support you:  “…Anyway thanx for being there. You’ve done everything you said you would a year ago and I thank you. I’ll keep sending you 2 pics a day for a while, but will eventually be less as I progress. But no matter how independent I eventually become, I’ll always subscribe as long as I’m still in the game. Merry Xmas!!” – B.M., Northport, FL