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Paul Quillen does extensive research to determine the best quality products & resources to recommend. The products below are the resultant recommendations for the service provided. We have arranged for many of these to be available to you at a discount.
Long Term Investing
Power Surge Protection
Computer Cleaning Program
Trader Affirmations™ - Audio CD
Daytrading in the Zone™ - Audio CD
Deep Delta Sleep™ - Audio CD
Theta Meditation System - Audio CDs
Music by Marcey
Relax and De-Stress CDs
Elliott Wave International
Recommended Reading
Brain Training - Reflexes, Decision Making & More
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"I learned a tremendous amount during the year-long course with you. But in addition to that, I've found your on-going support to be essential because you're continually updating, refining and adapting your methodology. Staying current with these developments gives me a constantly improving edge in daytrading." - F.P., Manasquan, NJ

This subscription is only available to students of DayTradingCourse.com after their first year of support completes. Student Support includes:

Live Market Community Room:
Participate with fellow students watching the market live.
Discuss market conditions, techniques, setups, trade management, trader psychology, and more - as it occurs
Paul Quillen joins in as he is able, giving live feedback and perspective.
Camaraderie and socializing during the trading day with like-minded traders.

Daily Recap Webinar:
After market close in-depth review of that day's trades.
Review specific trades for that day in a group format with Paul Quillen and fellow students.
Watch recorded webinars for up to 3 months if you're unable to participate live.
Read Student Testimonials about how it is helping improve their trading careers.

Learn More about the Community Room and Daily Recap Webinar

Frequent Chart Picture Emails:
Annotated charts emailed out to you

New developments emailed to you:
Any new charting techniques
Any new trading techniques
Any new or modified indicators
Any new workspaces/groups
Any new manual updates

Trade Management and psychology emailed to you:
Psychological commentary
Trade management techniques
Psychology after entry
Risk shedding techniques
Trailing Stop Techniques
Exiting techniques
Multiple time frame techniques
All Q & A emails

Tech support is not included but is available separately, below.

By clicking on the buttons below, I agree to keep all course information received confidential and to not share nor allow it to be shared with anyone else. I also agree to make no copies, or any other type of reproduction, whether printed, electronic, on-line, or in any form, of these materials, nor to make it available so that anyone else could do so. I agree to keep all information received in my possession and to not disseminate any of its contents or information to anyone else, whether directly or indirectly, and understand that I can be held legally & financially responsible for violating these conditions. All sales are final, no refunds; however if paying monthly, you can stop at any time.

To subscribe for monthly automatic renewal, click the PayPal Subscribe button below. Your subscription will automatically renew and charge your designated account each month on the same day that you sign up, until you affirmatively cancel. You can designate a credit card, bank account, or PayPal account within PayPal. Or, you may call us to set up your monthly subscription payments by credit card.

You can subscribe as needed. There is no obligation nor limitation to this service for our students. Any student, past or present, can subscribe to the Student Support Membership to boost their learning, trader self discipline, trading techniques and trading psychology, whenever it is needed. We are here to help!

Monthly Subscription via PayPal:

To subscribe for annual membership, click the button below to invest $360 up front for a full year of emini daytrading support. Pay once, done for a year. This method is not a subscription and doesn't renew automatically.


We can log in remotely to your computer and fix most any problem you'll come across. Using GoToMeeting.com, you will be at your computer and we will be at ours. With your permission, we will be able to see your computer screen and use the mouse and keyboard functions on your computer. This is the most efficient method we have come across to fully understand what you are seeing, because we see it too, and be able to explain to you what we're doing as you watch us fix the problem. Once the GoToMeeting session is over, we no longer have access to your computer.

We will use the Voice over IP (VoIP) within GoToMeeting to converse. You must have a microphone and headphones, whether separate units or a mic/headphone set to use VoIP. To prevent time wasted on the call, test to make sure that your microphone and headphones are set up and working correctly before we begin. We don't use Skype or the telephone because VoIP is built into gotomeeting.

If you need our help, simply purchase Tech Support and call us at 770-382-9656 or email us to schedule a mutually convenient time. If your Tech Support ends up taking longer than expected, you can pay the difference upon conclusion of the support meeting. We apologize, but this service is for students only.

Please Note: We will email you the full preparational instructions. We have also prepared instructions on how we use GoToMeeting. We strongly recommend you print this 3 page document and have it with you before your session begins.



This flat-rate service is for complete computer setup and configuration of one computer after your 5-days of One-on-One training. We will use GoToMeeting as described above within "Tech Support" to connect to your computer remotely. If you wish to have your computer shipped to us for setup in-house, you will be responsible for all shipping costs. Email us or call us at 770-382-9656 to schedule your computer setup, or if you have any questions regarding this service.

Please Note: We will email you the full preparational instructions. We have also prepared instructions on how we use GoToMeeting. We strongly recommend you print this 3 page document and have it with you before your session begins.



I used to scan stock and ETFs for long term investing but don't have the time anymore. An old friend of mine has a Long Term Investing Service that is based upon his proprietary trend line algorithm and Elliott Wave. This is what I use for long term investing. Long Term Investing



Zero Surge Model 2R-15

We recommend the Zero Surge Model 2R-15 surge suppressor. (We use 9 of these in use in our home/office.) Zero Surge sells this model for $169 + S&H. We sell it for $159 with FREE S&H within the US. No Zero Sales outside of the U.S. due to electrical incompatibility. All sales are final. No refunds.

See my 1991 article on surge suppression to see why I don't use any other surge protector. - Paul Quillen.




We recommend CCleaner to optimize and clean your computer. Well known as the number-one tool for cleaning your Windows PC, it protects your privacy online and makes your computer faster and more secure. Easy to use and a small, fast download from Piriform. Be sure to watch our instructional video on how to use CCleaner.


Trader Affirmations™ downloadable MP3 license: $14.95

Trader Affirmations CD

Effortlessly eliminate common psychological trading hurdles and maximize your trading potential with our proprietary audio CD license now available as a downloadable MP3 license. The Trader Affirmations™ Audio CD contains positive trading affirmations with a music background. This is not subliminal or hypnosis, so you can use the CD while operating machinery; in fact, we recommend listening to it while driving.  It's a bargain compared to a trading coach.  The Trader Affirmations™ CD as a downloadable MP3 license is only $14.95.

"This CD will be an asset for any trader and a must have item for all of your students." - B.A., Villa Rica, GA

"The CD is very very good. I am very pleased." ... "Just wanted to let you know that I have taken 12 straight simulated trades in a row - all winners. My profit has increased dramatically, unbelievably really. Now I know this "roll" can't continue indefinitely, but the improvements in the last month (?) or so has been spectacular. Now, do you think your CD has anything to do with it? I listen to it 5 or 6 times a day, sometimes more, sometimes less. Personally, I think it is a combination - getting deeper into the nuances of trading, and the CD. Whatever it is, boy am I thrilled. If I keep this up I will start trading the 1st of next month. Anyway, just wanted to keep you posted and thank you for all your help. I don't know how the average Joe or Sally can learn this business without a dedicated mentor like you!" - T.K., North Canton, OH

Note: This CD is included in the DayTradingCourse training materials. So, if you're signing up for the course, you will receive this CD as part of your training materials at no additional cost.

We also have a Special Package Offer, containing the 3 CD Set, which also includes our DayTrading in the Zone CD and Deep Delta Sleep™ CD, available HERE.

Note: We manually process each order, thus it may take a day or so to send you an email with the download links.


Daytrading in the Zone™ downloadable MP3 license: $14.97

Daytrading in the Zone CD

One of my students, Francis Perry, and I have been working on brain entrainment for quite some time now. To get into that patient intuitive relaxed state, we've been experimenting with various CDs. All of them work to varying degrees. The latest we recommended was the Theta Meditation System, which works well. Of course, we were always looking for something better.

I have the CD....So I used it thinking nothing of it. WOW to say the least! It was like the Wonder Pill for me ( I guess that is a good name for the CD..) It worked great. I was relaxed, focused, and smooth all day even after I turned it off. I started using it while doing my other work, I felt more productive and my energies were channeled appropriately." - H.M., Hudson, OH

Our intent was to get us out of the Beta state (wide awake, alert, active, analytical, aggressive) and bring us down into the mid to low Alpha state, which is a zoned out state. When you're in mid to low Alpha, you're very relaxed and patient. This is the same state you're in when you daydream. In this state you can easily wait an hour for a really good no-brainer trade to come to you. This is exactly what we wanted to be able to do, especially during the first hour and a half that the market was open, as there's almost always at least 2 or 3 good moves then. Francis and I tested all kinds of software and methods for getting us down into that state. With some assistance from others, and a lot of testing on ourselves while trading, we modified it until we finally got a CD that is the perfect balance of everything we wanted. It's a high quality live recording of Oregon coast surf. We then modulated it using both Amplitude Modulation and Low Pass Filter Modulation. This makes the surf sound a little weird, but most people love the sound of the CD. It doesn't use beat frequencies created by a frequency difference between your ears, so you don't need headphones. We wanted a CD you could play over either speakers or headphones...your choice. I originally called it "Tense and Intense Terminator™" but few liked that name. I thought it was descriptive of exactly what it did, but everyone said it sounded like an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie and not a relaxation CD. Then I named it "Zone Out™" and several people said that sounded like an illegal drug. So I changed the name again to "Daytrading in the Zone™." Whatever... Anyway, I priced it low to make it available to everyone.

"This is also the first time I have had a chance to use your new trading CD. I have to admit, it has a very definite calming effect." - L.V., Jacksonville, FL

The "Daytrading in the Zone™" audio CD as a downloadable MP3 license is only $14.97. It should be played on speakers...no need for headphones. I wouldn't play it through the tiny speakers in most laptop computers - I'd try a boom box or regular stereo...something with some bass. Warning: Don't play it while driving or operating machinery. When you listen to it, try turning up the bass a little bit, and please let me know how it works for you.

"This has happened to me twice now: I got all set up for trading: charts, DTCii, etc, but I forgot to start my DAYTRADING IN THE ZONE cd. At about 9:40 AM Eastern, I realized it and turned on the cd. BIG difference. This is NOT a subtle effect. It's significant and it works."

Note: This CD is included in the DayTradingCourse training materials. So, if you're signing up for the course, you will receive this CD as part of your training materials at no additional cost.

We also have a Special Package Offer, containing the 3 CD Set, which also includes our Trader Affirmations CD and Deep Delta Sleep™ CD, available HERE.

Note: We manually process each order, thus it may take a day or so to send you an email with the download links.


Deep Delta Sleep™ - downloadable MP3 license

Deep Delta Sleep™ CD

One area we've noticed in recent years where traders need help is improving their stamina. When your stamina is low, it is generally not a good day to trade, or you're only able to trade for a few hours. Factors that contribute to this include not getting a good nights sleep, heavy stress, and not eating well.  We can help you to achieve a good nights rest with our proprietary Deep Delta Sleep ™ CD.

Developed using brain wave entrainment technology, the Deep Delta Sleep™ CD helps you to get to the deepest level of sleep, feeling refreshed in the morning.  There are no subliminal messages, no neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and no hypnosis.  This is simply brain wave entrainment technology designed to tune your brain waves down to the delta state, which is deep dreamless sleep.  Warning: Don't play this CD while driving or operating machinery.

"The Deep Delta Sleep™ CD helps me fall asleep, even when there are distractions nearby. It also helps to purge my mind so I sleep better. Thanks!" - J.C., Lilburn, GA

"I just wanted to let you know that I love this CD!  I am so active with my 2 kids, husband, home, career, church, hosting parties, social life, and serving as President of my HOA, that when I finally lay down to sleep, my mind won't shut off.  I keep getting out of bed to take care of one more thing, make a note for tomorrow, etc.  I have tried homeopathic mouth sprays, herbal teas, hypnosis CDs, etc. over the years, and still ended up falling asleep at 2 AM.  The first night I played the Deep Delta Sleep™ CD, I fell asleep in 5 MINUTES!  That was amazing!  You can imagine my awe when I noticed I was drowsy soon into playing it; I even had difficulty keeping my eyes open to see the counter!  I use it every time I need it, and it works every time; but I'm careful to make sure I start it before my husband goes to sleep.  If he's asleep already, the beginning makes him stir a little, as you told me it would!  I see why you don't want to put it on repeat.  P.S.  I'm also going to try it on my kids when they resist going to bed.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, and THANK YOU!" - A.F., White, GA

Note: This CD is included in the DayTradingCourse training materials. So, if you're signing up for the course, you will receive this CD as part of your training materials at no additional cost.

We also have a Special Package Offer, containing the 3 CD Set, which also includes our Trader Affirmations CD and DayTrading in the Zone CD, available HERE.

Note: We manually process each order, thus it may take a day or so to send you an email with the download links.


Alpha Meditation System - Audio CDs: $19.97

CNR Sound Store

This is a pair of audio CDs by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson. Play the Active Relaxation CD to get you into alpha so you're simultaneously alert and relaxed. They work best when played through headphones while trading.  We frequently play these CDs while daytrading, as they keep us relaxed, focused, intuitive, and patient... just what we need when daytrading. Although they are most effective with headphones, they can be played environmentally. Warning: Don't play either of these CDs while driving or operating machinery.

"Hello Paul,
    Thank you for recommending the Theta Mediation System, I have been using it now for about four weeks. Listening with my headphones on has made me relax and dissipates my stress.  The improvement in my trading is extraordinary, I can honestly say that I am now enjoying trading because the stress is GONE!!!!   I have waited so long to get to this point and make consistently successful trades. Thank you for always giving me the support I needed with each step I take in my trading career.
    I highly recommend the Theta Mediation System to anyone who wants to let go of the stress and trade in a calm and confidant manner."
- J.P., Salem, MA

Dear Mr. Quillen,
Thank you very much for advising about the CDs on Meditation. Results are VERY good. I feel much more focused, or to use the common verbiage, --in the zone--! I play it on and on, and have it in the brains circumvolutions!
Thanks again,
B.C., Canada

To order, please go to Neuroacoustic's web site. scroll down to the Alpha Relaxation System CD set and click order. The price for the pair of CDs is only $19.97.


Music By Marcey

"About 12 years ago I bought a cassette entitled "Inward Harmony" by Marcey Hamm (Music By Marcey) and have played it many times over the years. Most of these type programs require you to set aside an hour a day to listen to them with headphones, uninterrupted, with your eyes closed. I know, because I've purchased a rack of those programs and rarely use them because I can't set aside the hour per day to do it. That's what I really like about Marcey's program. You just play it environmentally through speakers as background music and go about your business. During the summer of 2003 Marcey took my course. Since 14 years ago, she has added 7 more CDs, plus a course. This is a good package for self improvement, especially for trading, and it's a bargain." - Paul Quillen

"There are many, many benefits from listening to Marcey's music, related both to trading and non-trading life. Specifically related to trading, I have found that listening to Marcey's music in the background during trading hours effortlessly maintains the calm, focused frame of mind I desire for optimal performance. I play ANTHEM TO SOUL constantly as I'm trading and I find it infinitely valuable. There are a number of components involved with the major progress I've made recently in my trading, and that is certainly among the most important. I also play it all the time in the car." - F.P., Manasquan, NJ

"The main thing that attracted me to your course is your incorporation of psychology into every aspect of trading. Marcey's music is perhaps the best psychological tool you offer. I bought Marcey's complete package that you offer, and I have been listening to the 4 CDs recommended for use during market hours and all 7 CDs at other times. I am more relaxed, confident, and patient when the market is open. I am happier and more productive pursuing other goals when the market is closed. I sleep better, including having more vivid dreams and several lucid dreams. I am certain that Marcey's music is helping me to become a better trader and a better person in general. Thank you for introducing me to it." - J.H., Indianapolis, IN

"I finally received the Music by Marcey at the beginning of the week. What amazing compositions, thank you for putting me onto them." - M.Q., Antigua, West Indies

More Music by Marcey Testimonials

To order, please go to Music By Marcey's web site.

Plus, get our Notes For Traders that tell you specifically how to use Marcey's CDs to help you become a better trader.


Advanced Brain Technologies: Relax and De-Stress CDs

Relax CD  DeStress CD

Advanced Brain Technologies (ABT) designed the Relax and De-Stress CDs using low beats-per-minute music, both CDs are 30 to 60 beats per minute. DeStress is classical music with nature sounds. Relax calms your mind and unwinds your body with classical music. We frequently play these two CDs as background music while trading.

We have their entire Sound Health Series, which are based upon psychoacoustic principles and extensive research, and were conceived, arranged, performed, recorded and produced for the specific application of each CD. We've found their other compositions to be of great value as well, especially Motivation, Productivity, and Peak Performance while working in the office. Inspiration when creating new projects. And, their Maximum Focus, Thinking, Concentration and Learning CDs are all great during the 3 Steps for students.

To order, please go to Advanced Brain Technologies' web site.

ABT has additional products that you can learn more about while at their web site. ABT's Brain Builder program - A scientifically designed brain fitness software program - to recommend it for traders to improve their visual processing (to help you get to where the trades jump off the screen at you), memory, attention, and brain speed.


Brain Trainer

My Brain Trainer has a program for just $9.95 for 3 months that helps improve your decision making, cognitive potential, memory, test-taking ability, and reaction time - reflexes, which is great for trading.  Even increases IQ, and is helpful for learning disabilities and ADHD.  Click the banner for a free challenge.

To order, please go to My Brain Trainer's web site.



"The hourly phone sessions have been instrumental in keeping focused and on target. It's like having a personal trainer. I have set appointments each week, this helps me bring clarity to the complex world of trading. I have a lot to learn and I feel this a wise investment of money and my time." - J.H., Toronto

"Just to follow up on our time on the phone yesterday: In addition to being fun, I want to emphasize how valuable it was. In particular, I put what I learned to good use today. I mostly stayed in Step 1, solid pattern recognition, with this additional element: upon considering an entry, the only question was: does this offer me a very high probability of getting enough points for a break-even trade? The rest surely takes care of itself with good trade management. I must have sim-traded about 6 trades, working out really well with only one that didn't - that one being a perfectly reasonable setup. I took one live trade and it worked perfectly." - F.P., Nashville, TN

This is for One-on-One telephone support in hourly increments, available to DayTradingCourse.com students, anytime after their 5-days of One-on-One training. Click the "Add to Cart" button to purchase support hours, and call 770-382-9656 or email us to schedule the date, time, and instructor. Students are responsible for calling the instructor. Phone Support neither extends nor includes the $30/month Student Support, which is available separately, above. Tech support questions are included during your hour on the phone, although the primary purpose of phone support is live chart training with an instructor on the phone. These hours can be scheduled anytime. The most common times would be 1 or 2 hours in the morning, and 1 or 2 hours in the afternoon, and this can be split up on different days. (Note that many training sites charge from $195 to $450 per hour for phone support.)


"Refresher days are time well spent at any price." - J.W., Leesburg, FL

"I made a great choice in having the 3 follow-up days with Mickey. Jackie's input was very helpful, too. I call what resulted "my trading chiropractic adjustment" - getting things lined up properly. I got a good answer to my question, "How do I be dumb?". The answer is a list of 4 simple, concrete criteria that must be met before I consider a trade. Otherwise, I must find something else to occupy my attention. Very helpful to know in more depth what "Don't count!" means: identify "that's a 3 of something" and "that's a 5 of something". See if something simply looks like an impulse or a correction. Mickey anticipated that we'd be spending more time on trade management, but it turned out that I really needed not only that, but in-depth focus on CRP and what constitutes an entry. We spent alot of time on that, and now I have a much deeper understanding of the "language" of Elliott and CRP's. I realized that I have a tendency to lose concentration right before the moment of entry, and now I realize that if there's ever a time for highly-focused concentration, that's it. I can't say enough about the first-rate level of skill, professionalism, and integrity that Mickey and Jackie exhibited and maintained throughout our time together. All that in a fun, informal atmosphere: a recipe for success if I ever saw one. Even if we hadn't had as much in common, or as much of a sense of fun all the time, I know they'd have been equally attentive to what I came there wanting to learn. I trust that the timing was right for me take these follow-up days now. It will take me awhile to discover why I hadn't done it sooner!" - F.P., Manasquan, NJ

"Mickey, thanks so much for your time & expertise. It was awesome!!!" - G.B., Roswell, GA

This is for One-on-One Face-to-Face or Online refresher training per day, available to DayTradingCourse.com students, anytime after their 5-days of One-on-One training. You may take the refresher days with any instructor you want. This includes complete computer setup and configuration for your existing computer and/or a new computer during your day(s). It also includes one year of the $30/month Student Support, from the date of your Refresher Day.

The One-on-One Refresher Days content can be whatever you need:

Since the Refresher Days are One-on-One, we accommodate the content to meet your specific needs. We encourage you to provide an agenda of what you would like to have covered during your Refresher Day in advance, allowing us to expand on your existing knowledge and go even more in-depth with your training goals. This is an optional service, available to all students, and has been quite valuable to many students.

All sales are final. Refresher Days include one year of the $30/month Student Support, from the date of your Refresher Day. Tech support is included during your Refresher Day; afterwards tech support is available separately.

Call 770-382-9656 or email us to schedule.

One Day of Fine-Tuning at Instructor's Home or Online: $1000

One Day of Fine-Tuning at Student's Home: $1200

Training is done at the student's home. Pay your instructor directly for his travel expenses.


Elliott Wave International


Recommended Reading



Call us if you would like more information on any of these books or a book recommendation by Paul Quillen for a specific area you're struggling with.



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