Q: How does this system work?

A: Making money in the stock market is a simple matter of letting your profits run while cutting your losses short. This axiom is not new, it has been around for as long as there has been a stock market and been handed down from successful trader to successful trader. The problem that most investors have in implementing this simple principle is a matter of fear and greed, i.e. they confuse fear for greed and greed for fear.
Let me explain. When a stock in your portfolio is rising in price, fear is in control, fear of losing a profit. At the first sign of a price reversal, fear goes online or calls the broker and exits the position. Conversely, when a stock is falling in price, greed takes over and “I’ll wait until I’m even and THEN get out.” They never do.
Now juxtapose fear and greed. When a stock you own is rising in price, the secret is to allow greed to take over. There is no limit to how high price may run, we are on the right train going in the right direction. When your stock is falling in price, allow fear to manage this trade. Fear that you will lose even more money with every tick of the stock. Fear then exits the trade with a limited loss and most of your capital remains unscathed.
That is the essence of trend following and rule-based stock market investment. You can throw a dart at a board of stocks and just by juxtaposing fear and greed you will by default let profits run while cutting your losses short. Now replace the dartboard with a simple rule-based trend following system and those profits go from a trickle to a flow.
Since 2009, we've been using a proprietary trend following algorithm that implements a rule-based market trading methodology that works across short, intermediate and long-term time frames. We are now offering a Long Term Trading Service that serves the long-term investor who has neither need nor time to actively trade the market. This weekly signal service issues longer term stock signals that can be executed with a handful of stock trades a year, generating outstanding returns built upon the maxim of letting profits run while cutting losses short. It is trend following at it’s finest, i.e. little work, sizable reward.
Below are illustrations* of how our trend following algorithm, when applied to a series of high profile growth stocks, generated significantly positive returns over longer-term time frames by letting profits run while cutting profits short.
*AllanTrends has only been in existence since December, 2009, so any signals prior to that date, while hypothetical, were generated with the very same algorithm that has been in effect since inception of the service.
Our portfolio of Long Term Trend Models consists of a combination of seven individual stocks and ETF’s. On the previous page is our long term table which is current to date, along with actual performance returns and current recommendations for each trend model.
As can be seen on the Signal Dates column, some of these trades have been in effect for over a year. This is a truly low maintenance trading system that produces very generous returns. We send out a weekend summary and alerts whenever there is a signal change in one of the portfolio stocks. In addition, each weekend subscribers will receive a copy of the “Weekend Update”. This update covers a wide range of investing and trading topics, including periodic tutorials on how to be a better investor and a better trader.




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