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Learn how to make money in any market, up or down or sideways

Benefit from a 23 Year Day Trading Expert who will teach you his rock solid secrets of Day Trading Success

Now you can become an independent day trader without having to endure years of hard knocks and costly losses. Here you will learn step-by-step strategies from a real eMini Futures Day Trader with 23 years trading experience and 20 years experience teaching day trading One-on-One.

We have one focus and that's your progress.

We've provided this training for 20 years. During that time we've helped hundreds of people become far better traders. Over the years we've learned several things about our students: you aren't into get-rich-quick programs, you frequently already have trading experience, and you want REAL know-how that can answer questions and provide solutions.

Your personalized training is in a 5 day One-on-One trading class held in-person or online, or if you have a tight schedule, go with our new bite-size video approach to the 5 days. One-on-One means just you and your Instructor - nobody else - so the training is customized to your level of trading experience. The bite-size videos are thorough and clear. They're new, and include everything we've learned over 23 years, plus they're very easy to fit into your already busy schedule. Lauren raved about how she can watch one when she gets a free few minutes, and then replay one if necessary. Call us at 770-382-9656 during market hours if you have any questions.

Then continue your training online by participating in a full year of the DayTradingCourse Community Room, an exclusive service during live trading hours. Interact with fellow students or simply listen in. Whatever your preference, you'll benefit from the discussion as trades unfold. We also fix computer problems during the Community Room.

After the close, have your trades reviewed during the Daily Recap Webinars. This open discussion class format led by an Instructor reviews everyone's trades for that day. You get feedback, fresh ideas, and much more. Learn from each trade. Included for a full year too.

You are encouraged and mentored using a simple 3-Step program, in which you have a full year of personal mentoring support. This includes participating with fellow traders in day to day trading in "The Community Room," our live trading room. And, of course we are here for you by phone and email. You are never alone!

WHAT'S IN IT FOR YOU. Enjoy the benefits of being a successful independent Day Trader. It's a lucrative, exciting career you can work from home. Each day you will be participating as a key player in a massive Trillion dollar world economy. The benefits can be immense. But so can the losses if you go in not fully knowing what you're doing.

Our full-year mentoring course gives you the extensive skills, the technical prowess, and the expert insights you need to master this exciting, independent career.

GET STARTED NOW! Simply click this link and fill out our brief application form. This is the best training a Day Trader can receive and far more thorough than what is available elsewhere. This is a truly worthwhile investment in your future.

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"For 20 years my students have told me what really helped them the most was the ongoing mentoring which answered any questions they had and provided additional motivation to actually implement what they learned."
    - Paul Quillen, Founder and Head Instructor

Hi, I'm Paul Quillen, Founder and Head Instructor of DayTradingCourse.com. For 23 years, I have enjoyed being an independent daytrader working from home. I began my trading career as a small trader, so I know firsthand how hard it can be to get simple explanations of everything involved with trading and most importantly, a method that consistently works. I've learned many lessons since my early trading days, but I don't think that you should have to learn them the hard way, the way I did. For this reason, over the last 19 years, I have shared my techniques with hundreds of traders worldwide with one goal: To help you trade successfully and independently, ultimately, down the road, without needing even my Community Room or my Daily Recap Webinar. My full year course has been successful in helping traders do just that. By learning how to trade using my Simplified Elliott Wave™ techniques, you too, can enjoy the relaxation and freedom of an independent day trading career.

That doesn't mean you are given course materials and sent on your way. Quite the contrary, at DayTradingCourse.com you are more than just a student. We know you are investing in your trading career and we take that seriously. We get to know you personally and carry you through the learning process, mentoring and supporting you during each step.Our trading course is a full mentoring program! Your preparation begins before you come for your One-on-One training with our Pre-Course manual and Personality Evaluation. Then I personally teach you the meat of your training during 5 days of One-on-One training sessions. Whether you choose to have your training in-person or online, you will be the only student during your 5 days, allowing me to customize your training to your experience level. And if you have difficulty carving out a whole week from your busy schedule, you can train a few minutes at a time using my new bite-size videos of the exact same material we cover during the 5 days. We continue your training with a group format live trading chat room during regular trading hours, and this is included for a full year. We call it our Community Room. Plus, you will get to participate in a full year of after market close Daily Recap Webinars, in which we cover each students' trades of the day as well as trader psychology. These Daily Recap Webinars have turned out to be instrumental in helping many students become professional traders. Your mentoring relationship extends beyond your Instructor, to include student support, tools and resources.

Our ultimate goal is that you are able to see the chart patterns effortlessly, identify and time the entry, know when to pass on a trade, how to minimize risk and maximize profit, and know how to trade relaxed. We focus a great deal on trading psychology so that you can not only manage your trades, but also you will be able to manage yourself. This is a key area for successful trading.

Call us at 770-382-9656 (ET). We're here to help!



Many day traders begin by looking for a mechanical e-mini futures system to trade. A day trade system that gives you both entries and exits.

That's a perfectly natural approach, especially considering all the mechanical market trading systems being sold, and their truly unbelievable claims.

You probably found so many different software packages for day trading that it was tough to select which one to buy. You may have purchased several day trading software packages, some specific to the e-mini futures market. But, you probably discovered that none of them worked long term.

Most traders eventually realize, as I did, that indicators and mechanical e-mini futures day trading systems are not going to help them make money long term. Multiple indicators give you conflicting signals and create undue stress. Mechanical systems frequently get you in late, making you miss great trades that you could have easily seen with your own eyes.

Frustrating, isn't it? That's about to change.

Starting in 1991, I built, modified, and tested hundreds of mechanical e-mini futures trading systems and indicators. What I discovered early on is that if you simply learn to see repetitive patterns, you can skip the mechanical trading system approach. It turns out that your brain, properly trained, is much better at trading than mechanical trading systems and multiple indicators.

In the early years I still relied on a few of my best indicators. However, over a period of 6 years, I slowly removed all indicators from my charts, and it has made trading so much easier. I now trade the very popular emini stock index futures with just one index ($TICK), and with no indicators. And honestly, I can even trade without $TICK. So can many of my students. For trading everything other than emini stock index futures, I have a modified and simplified MACD that has almost no lag that we use, but I generally trade without it.

"Went live trading last week, traded brilliant. All winners, no errors. Feel I know what the trend is going to do, of course every once in while it fools me, but...not very often anymore. First day I was very nervous, but played two contracts on the Russell, did very well. Second day I was more at ease, third day I couldn't wait to sit down. Felt very confident. With money on the line, I am much more cautious about my entries. Anyhow yea!"
- A.S., San Diego

Trading with your brain is much simpler and less stressful than attempting to trade with mechanical systems, because YOU are the one in control. Your brain is extremely efficient in recognizing patterns. Yes, you can learn how to instantly recognize high probability patterns and profit from doing so. It's easier than you think.


I've been focused on day trading stock index futures since 1991. Lately I've added currency futures, forex, stocks, and ETFs. In the early years we traded the full size S&P 500 and occasionally the NASDAQ 100 futures contracts. Now we trade the electronically traded and very popular e-mini versions of these futures contracts, plus the Mini Dow futures, currency futures, and forex. The training you receive will be focused on the market you prefer to trade. During the daily recap webinars, we cover everyone's trades, regardless of what products they're trading, to give everyone else broad exposure. During the daily recap webinars, we also have some very active discussions on trading psychology.

"I just want to say THANKS for all your kind help over the past year. You're the best kept secret in futures."
- J.D., Ottawa, Ontario

After taking my course, many of my students (especially those with previous training that didn't work) told me that I helped them break through the psychological barriers that had always blocked their success. That's the key... My day trading course is all about YOU. We train the best computer on earth - your brain. We train your brain in two areas: pattern recognition and psychology.

We'll teach you day trading pattern recognition skills that are based on mass psychology, which is the force that moves the market.

You'll learn how to quickly and easily spot trade entries.

"Paul, I have spent well into six figures researching and trading the best techniques for the S&P's. After taking your course, you have, bar none, the best short term entry system in existence."
- R.S., Beverly Hills, CA

You'll trade from one chart (two at the most) to make day trading e-mini futures far simpler and easier than ever before. You don't need a lot of monitors. Just one or two.

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You end up with a trading methodology that gives you:

When you are trained in our E-mini Stock Index Futures Daytrading Course, you will no longer need to worry about information overload.

"What you talked about at the meeting made sense to me. All numerical/statistical machine learning/prediction methods in the world do not stand a chance against us humans as far as pattern recognition is concerned. That's what I found by working with many of those methods. That is also a reason why I have been so skeptical about automatic trading systems and indicator trading in general."
- R.K., Atlanta, GA

Our focus is on minimizing losses, and the most important thing in trading is to minimize losses. PERIOD. Why? Because minimizing losses is the first step to

Some losses are inevitable, but the key to success is having tight control over these inevitable losses, so that they're infrequent, small, and psychologically comfortable. After our 5 days together, you'll know how to spot low-risk, high-probability day trades. Most students are amazed at our low entry risk and how quickly we can shed that risk.

The easiest way to increase your reward to risk ratio is to reduce your entry risk and increase the probability of the trade going your way. That's exactly what we focus on. With both low entry risk and high probability of success, you'll finally be able to enjoy day trading the way it was meant to be: relaxed, low stress, and profitable. Never having to panic over a big loss means making smarter, more calculated decisions.

"It isn't unusual at all to be able to take money from the markets. The talent lies in not giving it back."
- Walter T. Downs

These techniques work on any market you can chart.

My course is most popular for daytrading the E-Mini futures such as the Emini S&P 500 futures, the Emini NASDAQ futures, the Emini Russell 2000 futures, and the very popular Mini-Dow futures.

Years ago, I started with the full-size S&P contract. Later on, when things caught on and the volume ramped up on the e-mini S&P futures, I made the switch, never looking back. No trading pits to deal with. All sellers and buyers and matched up in a computer almost instantly.

Of course I have custom charts already built for everything you may want to trade, and you may trade whatever you like.

Tuition - Locations - Enrollment Application

Another way we're different:

As you can imagine, with almost two decades of stock index futures day trading teaching experience under my belt, I've tried every possible method of teaching. What works best for students is a full year all-inclusive course, kicked off with 5 days of true one-on-one training, followed up with a full year of Community Room interaction, the interactive Daily Recap Webinars, and personal support. For those with very tight schedules, we can substitute our new bite-size video course that covers the same material that's taught in the 5 days. We took care to make it clear and thorough and have already tested it with one new student and were excited at how quickly she picked up everything. And of course, if you substitute the 49 bite size videos for the 5 days of one-on-one training, you still get the full year of Community Room and Daily Recap Webinars. Whoops, I almost forgot to mention that the Daily Recap Webinars are video'd and available if you can't make it.

You'll learn our e-mini futures day trading techniques during the first part of the week, then when that's covered, you'll switch to paper or simulator or (if you're a fairly adanced trader) live trading for the balance of the 5 days. I will be trading live, on my own account, in the same room with you. You can paper trade, simulator trade, or live trade along with me - whatever you're comfortable with. You'll see real time application of the techniques.

I don't just give you a software program or a book and send you on your way. I teach you how to trade, then help you get real, hands-on e-mini futures day trading experience. It's exciting for you to learn, and exciting for me to teach you.

But that's just the beginning. I'll also teach you trading psychology, which is just as important as the techniques. (For some people, it's actually more important, so beware of anyone that scoffs at the importance of trader psychology.) Actually, once you get very good at my techniques, trading then becomes a 100% personal psychological activity, focused on patience and focused on ignoring all trade setups that aren't perfect, and only trading perfect trade setups.

Using this one-on-one approach, I am able to work with your unique personality and instantly adapt to exactly what you need; teaching you my techniques based upon your current knowledge level (which can be anywhere from beginner to experienced).

"...I learned more about the correct methodology of trading in 5 days than previously in years of struggle. I had no idea there was so much psychology to trading, and you thoroughly address these issues. I know this is just the beginning, but it's a correct start on a path of success. No more anxiety based trades.
    I came quite prepared (I thought) and yet a lot was packed into 5 days. Your course is far more comprehensive than I anticipated. The reference material alone is tremendous. I appreciate your timely answers to my questions on the chart snapshots I send you. (don't worry I'm sure I'll have plenty more) Thank you for helping me to realize a new career."
- L.V., Jacksonville, FL

Post-training support to foster your long-term success

The 5-day one-on-one training (or the bite-size video course) isn't the end...in fact it's just the beginning.

We have a complete support system set up for you, with options to suit your personal learning style.

You will have a crystal-clear 3 Step plan to follow. The 3 Step plan has been proven the most effective way to ensure your understanding and develop your confidence as a trader. It is progress based, so there's no time limit or time crunch. Remember, this course is personalized - no matter what your life's situation may be, you will be able to complete the program at your own pace.

You will have unrestricted access to our Community Room, a place where students gather online while trading live. The hours are 9:30 - 3:50 Eastern time every trading day. You and fellow students watch the market together, commenting on what you see, getting feedback and discussing trade management. I will join you when I can and we'll review anything you want, even help with computer or trading software issues. You are never left alone! This has proven to help students with pattern recognition, clearing up dangerous misconceptions, and trader psychology. It is also great for students who find the lonely life of trading too much to bear; here they get the camaraderie they need to stick with trading. You can be at any stage in your trading career - beginner in any of our 3 Steps, to real-money successful trader. The Community Room helps you continue your learning after your 5 days of One-on-One training, in the comfort of your home, throughout your full year of mentoring.

You will also be a member of our Daily Recap Webinars for a full year (this is included in your course tuition). These webinars are held daily after the market closes at 4 p.m. Eastern. Your participation level is up to you- watch & listen to the instructor and fellow students or jump in any time you have a question of your own. These webinars offer interaction in a group format and provide up to 355 extra hours of additional training. If you can't attend, no problem... as a member, you can download the videos later and watch them at your convenience.

We don't stop there... We will be there for you, to support you for a full year after your 5 days of one-on-one training to ensure your success. You'll receive my educational emails, annotated charts and updates as continuing education. The Community Room has proven to be the most valuable tool in our training program. As it is live interation during market hours, any questions can be asked and answered right on the spot. If you have a personal question that is better explained offline, give us a call: Contact Us. If I'm not available, we have Student Support staff who can answer most of your questions, consult me, or arrange for us to chat.

"I know you have heard this a thousand times but your course and support are awesome!"
- R.H., Ocoee, FL

Here's what you'll receive from my course:

  1. Pre-Course Manual to read before your one-on-one training.
  2. 5 days of True One-on-One, customized training, to match your experience level and learning style. Or our 49 Bite-Size Videos that teach you the exact same material.
  3. Four additional manuals during your training: Trading Techniques, Trading Psychology, Trading Computer, and Home Study.
  4. Homework (the good kind) during your 5 days of training to deepen your understanding.
  5. A 40 page day trader's personality profile assessment to help you identify and manage your personal trading caution areas. This has proven to be as valuable as the techniques. Students rave about how this has helped them.
  6. After your training, we'll give you 3 easy steps to follow to ensure you've correctly learned the techniques and prove to yourself that you know what you're doing.
  7. One full year of follow-up support. You'll receive emails with annotated screen shots of charts and entries, plus other useful information. I will keep you in the loop. And when you have questions, you simply email me. We'll also schedule follow-up phone calls after your training, to make sure you know what you should be doing, and are doing it. These support services are tremendously valuable to your success.
  8. One full year of The Community Room. You and fellow student traders meet online, discussing the market live, as you watch it together, along with myself or Amy, Student Support. Its a great way to get live feedback of what you "think you're seeing", correct any misconceptions, build on your learning, and apply it in real-time. The camaraderie offsets the isolation of trading and reinforces what you've learned.
  9. One full year of Daily Recap Webinars, where you and your fellow students discuss the day's trades with an instructor, ask any trading or trading psychology question, learn from others, and deepen your understanding of the nuances and feel for the market. This format offers a deeper look into your trades, analyzing them tick by tick.
  10. Training resources including Entries flash cards, online Entries test, and over 5,000 annotated screen shots of charts, entries, and trade management (copied into your computer during your first day of training) that you can review at your convenience to reinforce your pattern recognition skills.
  11. Techniques that actually work and have been traded by hundreds of students during various market personalities over the last 19 years.

Tuition - Locations - Enrollment Application

"I would like to thank you for all the time you have put in to developing this methodology/psychology course it has been a GOD sent to me I've not asked a lot of questions lately because I've found them all to be answered in the charts you send out and its a good feeling to be entering the same trades that you are +or- some; it gives me confidence."
- B.W., Cresson, TX

And here are just some of the amazing daytrading techniques you'll learn:

  1. You'll learn that your right brain (intuitive side) is much more powerful for trading than your left brain (logical side) and you'll discover how to make your left brain quit second-guessing what your more powerful right brain is telling you.
    • "Intuition/Discretion is the only advantage that individual traders have which institutions cannot overpower." -- Adrienne Toghraie, author & psychological trading coach
    • "You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you'll discover will be wonderful. What you'll discover is yourself." - Alan Alda
    • "Discretionary traders...develop their intuition from a foundation of technical analysis...." "...Intuition can be quantified and reliable...." "In fact, it may be the most reliable indicator a trader has...." - Adrienne Laris Toghraie, MNLP, JCH, Bonus Issue 2002, Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine, p. 55
    • "When you are in the zone, your intuition comes to the forefront. Your intuition will guide you. It is your best friend. It has information your mind does not have. When you are a zone performer, no matter what it is you do, you are operating on intuition and you have an unfair advantage over the competition." - Jim Fannin
  2. You'll learn how to use one index and no indicators. You'll learn to use your intuitive right brain to see entry patterns that others don't even see right there in front of them. We actually transcend indicators and train our right brain to see what's really going on in the price action, which is pretty exciting. When you achieve this level, you'll be amazed by the power your brain really has, and how easy it can be to unleash it. You'll never go back to indicator trading. Guaranteed.
  3. You'll learn how crowd or mass psychology and herd over-reaction can help you find low-risk entries over and over again.
  4. You'll learn pattern recognition specific to Emini futures daytrading.
  5. You'll learn everything I've ever found that e-mini futures daytraders do to psychologically sabotage themselves, and how to avoid these common traps. Emphasis will be placed on your own personal psychology as well as the psychology of the market. I'll do a psychological profile to help you understand yourself better, so you can find out what personal areas to watch while trading. This will help you avoid mistakes other traders are making.
  6. You'll thoroughly learn the emini futures daytrading entries that have the highest probability and lowest risk.
  7. You'll learn trade management techniques. After taking my course, you'll know exactly how to place your initial protective stop. You'll learn shedding techniques and how to correctly trail your stop.
  8. You'll learn how to trade with less stress and more personal fulfillment.
  9. You'll learn how to get into and stay in the zone.
  10. You'll learn to recognize when you shouldn't be trading; you're not in the zone, the market is lethargic, and more...
  11. You'll learn why mechanical daytrading systems and mechanical daytrading methodologies don't work over time.
  12. You'll learn many insider angles that will help you gain the advantage over other e-mini futures daytraders.
  13. You'll learn why it's absolutely essential to have clean, simple, and minimalist chart layouts.
  14. You'll learn why it's essential not to "try" to find entries. You need to wait and let them come to you, and I'll show you how.
    • "To be a good trader, you must have patience."
      -- Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan, Editor, Technical Analysis of Stock & Commodities, October 2004, p. 130
  15. You'll learn why it's never a good idea to brag about your successful trades.

Call us at 770-382-9656 (ET). We're here to help!

Do I have to watch the monitor all day?

Not at all!   Most of our students trade for the first hour and a half or so and then quit for the day. Some trade for an hour and a half in the afternoon. Some only trade once a day. Some take 2 to 6 trades per day. It's totally up to you. This is your business and yours alone. You can trade as much or as little as you want, depending on your time and preferences. You're in complete control, and you'll have the knowledge you need to assert that control profitably.

Can your techniques be used for longer-term trades?

Absolutely! You can use them for any time frame you choose. Of course, the smaller the time frame, the tighter the stops. That's one of the classic benefits of e-mini futures daytrading. Many people use these same pattern recognition techniques on their longer term stock investments. In fact, I will set up your software with daily charts for your favorite stocks. The techniques you'll learn are very flexible, offering you the greatest chances of long-term success. That's what this is all about.

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What you get for your money with

The training you want: 5 days of truly personal, One-on-One training in Emini & Mini-Dow futures daytrading. There is simply NO SUBSTITUTE for this live training experience with a mentor. It's a true one-student, one-instructor class. Or our 49 Bite-Size Videos that teach you the exact same material. Watch one whenever you have a few minutes free. You can also pause or repeat any video. A very convenient approach.

The support you need: One full year of personal support after your 5 days of One-on-One training to ensure your success. This includes a full year of The Community Room and a full year of Daily Recap Webinars as part of your all-inclusive tuition!

The flexibility you desire: If you're unable to travel for face-to-face training, you can be trained just as effectively online. Then, after the 5 days, take as much time as you need in the 3 Steps, they are progress based. Later on, even years down the road, if you need to polish your skills, you can select from a variety of continuing support options to suit your needs. This course is customizable to you for the long term.

The diversity you deserve: Although primarily for daytrading the popular E-Mini Futures and Mini-Dow futures, the techniques we use work on anything you can chart - all futures, stocks, and ETFs in any time frame. The DAX futures are popular with my European and Middle Eastern students.

The stability you require: Profit if the market goes up or down. A great profession in turbulent and uncertain times.

The education that suits your needs: For begginning traders through the experienced investor... your training will be customized for YOU. We will pause and clarify anytime you want, but can also cover familiar material as quickly as is comfortable for you.

The techniques to make you successful: When you take advantage of our unique E-Mini Futures Daytrading Course, you will:

"Enjoying the course very much, I am always amazed at how Elliot works over and over again and how your entries work over and over again. Amazing! Thanks for all of your years of hard work and trial and error to figure this out, and for sharing it with us. " - J.L., Westmont, IL

And there's more. You'll also...

The training materials you'll use:  In addition to all of that, when you take the course, you'll get my 5 e-mini futures daytrading manuals, each specifically designed to help you succeed in its subject area. Included in these manuals are the best topic-relevant questions and answers from our previous students. These Q&A's provide you with the benefit of learning from other students' common questions and experiences - without the inherently harmful competition or intimidation commonly found in a classroom environment. These manuals include:

The computer setup that trading requires: During your live training, you'll get your computer set up correctly for trading. If you train online, your computer can be set up and configured online as well. I've had many students tell me that this service in itself was worth thousands. It saves students what could be months on their part, trying to set their computers up correctly. One student told me he would have been glad to have paid me an extra $2,500 just for the computer setup work - but he didn't have to...it's included. Even programmers are amazed at all the configuration we do to their computer to make it work faster, more efficiently, and more securely.

The chart layouts from an expert: You'll also get my personal chart layouts, which are the culmination of 22.5 years of testing and experience. These charts are like none that you see with software packages; they're much simpler. Let's face it...you don't want to go into information overload, or the charts themselves could get in the way of your own powerful intuition.

"Well you have made a believer out of me. Less is better."
- A.S., San Diego, CA

Then what? Unmatched Mentoring from an expert!

Most courses and programs would leave you completely to your own devices at this point. But when you take my E-Mini Futures Daytrading Course, you get the post-training help you need to ensure your success, FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR, at no additional cost. We've proven time and time again that this post-training support is the key to your success.

After your 5 days or your bite-size video training, during your year of mentoring, you'll frequently receive an email with annotated pictures of charts & entries (screen shots) from that same day. Many have told me that these tutor-style emails are worth thousands of dollars and have really helped them understand the techniques we taught them. They're surprised that I don't charge extra for them, but they are included in the course at no extra charge. These mentoring emails are sent after the market close so you can review the same day you just watched live. These are extremely valuable to your continuing e-mini futures day trading education, and they are provided to you without additional cost.

You'll also receive emails from me containing other students' questions and my answers about chart patterns or e-mini futures daytrading or psychology. This adds the sole benefit of classroom interaction - learning from other students - without other students affecting your learning pace. Also, if you need further clarification, you may simply reply to me with your own questions and receive a personal response.

You will be able to participate in The Community Room, an exclusive online meeting for DayTradingCourse students. Here, you will be able to watch the market live with fellow students, discussing the markets, trade setups, trade management, trader psychology, techniques, market conditions, and more. To keep each student responsible for his own trades, no one announces at the time of entry. This is great as a chat room replacement. Join in as you wish, and are able; I will be there, or Amy, Student Support, will be with you too. This is a great way to enhance what you've learned, apply it in-the-moment, and enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded traders. The Community Room meets from 9:30 - 3:50 EST every trading day.

As another part of your post-training mentoring, you will be able to attend a full year of Daily Recap Webinars, where you are able to interact with an instructor and fellow students, learn from their questions, build camaraderie, and most of all, get your trades analyzed, have your trading questions answered, while looking at the charts together. The questions and answers are relevant to the very same techniques and psychology that you learned in the course. Instructors go more in-depth with instruction and delve deeper into the market nuances of each trade. If you miss a webinar, no worries. You have access to the recorded webinars for further study, available to you with 24/7 access. Students rave over these webinars!

Executive Summary

DayTradingCourse.com includes:

  1. 5 days of live, One-on-One Emini / Mini-Dow futures daytrading training in person or online, customized to exactly what you need. Or our 49 Bite-Size Videos that teach you the exact same material.
  2. Setup and complete configuration of your daytrading computer and trading software.
  3. All of my proprietary chart setups, which have been refined to the nth degree over 23 years.
  4. My 24 Entries taught to you One-on-One; trade in bull and bear markets. 12 bull entries. Flip them over and you have 12 bear entries.
  5. Five daytrading manuals, full of fine-tuned information on techniques, psychology, & your trading computer.
  6. Complete 40 page Personality Profile Assesment that helps you identify, understand and manage your trading caution areas.
  7. Training materials including over 5,000 screen shots, handouts, practice exams, flash cards, and online testing.
  8. Participation in the Daily Recap Webinars beginning with first day of training, through your year of mentoring.
  9. An easy to follow 3 Step plan to internalize the trading techniques.
  10. A full year of support to ensure your success, including email, phone, and online meetings (The Community Room). I'm here to help you along the way.
  11. A full year of Daily Recap Webinars reviewing your trades and enhancing your learning - both live and archived videos.
  12. Various additional support options for the long term, if desired.

And all of this is to help build your confidence as a trader. You'll know exactly what to do when trading.

Remember: There is simply no substitute for expert mentoring from a personal friend. And it costs you nothing extra.

This level of personal mentoring is possible because we restrict the number of students we teach. I will know you personally, and you will always get personal attention when you need it.

Because of these limited numbers, early reservations are a must. So, please sign up well in advance.

No matter what your background or experience is, my course can help you achieve daytrading success.

It doesn't matter how much (or how little) you know about daytrading. We'll start from where you are right now. From beginners through highly experienced traders, we offer the training you need to be a successful daytrader. We'll work together every step of the way. One-on-one means the course is tailored to you and your specific needs.

Whether you're a beginner or experienced trader, my E-Mini Futures Daytrading Course is an excellent way to accelerate your success.

With comprehensive training, education, follow-up, and mentoring, you will:

What you should know about the E-Mini Futures Daytrading Course:

KEEP THIS IN MIND: The price of the full year course is quite small compared to the money you could lose if you are unsure of how to trade. Plus, your potential earnings are MUCH HIGHER with the training. This makes the course a wise investment into your future of daytrading.

Please contact me today about getting educated in the exciting and profitable field of e-mini futures daytrading. Contact Me Today. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Paul Quillen
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770-382-9656 (9:35 - 3:30 Eastern please)
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Emini Stock Index Futures Educational Daytrading Course.
Learn low-risk high-probability trade entries using Simplified Elliott Wave™ Pattern Recognition.
Integrating Simplified Elliott Wave™ and Simplified Candlestick Patterns into a Simplified Methodology.

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