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Learn how to make money in any market, up, down or sideways

You can become an independent day trader without having to endure years of hard knocks and costly losses. Learn step-by-step strategies from E-mini Futures expert Paul Quillen, who has more than 25 years experience and has been teaching others—one-on-one—how to do the same.

If you’re skeptical of ‘get rich quick’ schemes and you want REAL know-how that translates into REAL solutions, our E-Mini Futures Day Trading Program is right for you, regardless of whether or not you have previous trading experience.

Our Program

We have one focus: your progress.

Our E-mini Futures Day Trading program consists of an intensive, structured, interactive one-year learning course, along with all the resources, support and mentoring you need to succeed, including:

Pre-course preparation

Trading psychology assistance as needed

The 5 must-have manuals (including one devoted to your trading computer)

Intense one-on-one or video training of the trading techniques and then a full year of intensive support, which includes access to a chat room that’s live every trading day from 9:30 a.m.-4 p.m. (Eastern time)

Daily Recap Webinar every trading day at 4 p.m. Eastern during which you can show your trades on your monitor and ask any questions you want about them and get real answers immediately.

Tech support – The course gives you everything you need; you won’t have to invest in additional resources, or even go to other resources such as, or anything else to learn the material.

After completing our E-mini Futures Day Trading program, you will be able to trade by yourself or you can join us on line at your convenience for additional assistance.

Find Out If You’re Ready to Take the Next Step

Our program involves a dedicated commitment and financial investment, and we realize it’s not for everyone.

1. Check out our More Info page for a detailed look at the course description, resources, and pricing.

2. Call Paul Quillen at 770.382.9656 (office) or 678.986.8602 (cell) and get all your questions answered.

Can’t wait to get started? Click on the Sign Up link and enroll now!

Discover how the E-Mini Futures Day Trading program can change your financial trajectory!