How to White-List my email address:


1 In your inbox window click on the cog icon located on the right hand side.
2 Select “Settings” from the drop down menu.
3 From the settings page click “Filters”.
4 Click “Create a new filter” from the “Filters” page.
5 Enter the following in the “From” field, “@daytradingcourse.com”.
6 Click “Create Filter With This Search”
7 Select the “Never send it to Spam” option on the list.
8 To save and apply click “Create Filter”.


1 Click “Options” on the top right corner.
2 Select “Mail Settings”.
3 On the left hand side of the Settings window click “Spam Settings”.
4 On the Spam Settings page select “Allow mail only from addresses I specify” in the Sender Filter drop down menu.
5 Enter the e-mail address in the field below and click the “+” to add it to the list.
6 Click “Save Settings” at apply.


1 Click on the Cog Symbol located at the top right.
2 Select “Settings”.
3 Click on “Filters” from the left hand side.
4 Name your filter and add the e-mail address in the “From” field.
5 Make sure the “Then move the message to this folder” has “Inbox” selected.
6 Click “Save” to apply the filter.

Apple Mail:

1 Click on “Mail” and select “Preferences” from the drop down menu.
2 Click on the “Rules” icon at the top right.
3 Select “Add Rule”.
4 Name your filter in the “Description” field.
5 Add the e-mail address you want to white list in the “From” field.
6 Click “Okay” to save and apply.


1 Locate and click the Cog Icon on the top right.
2 In the drop down menu select “Options”.
3 Under “Preventing Junk Email” click “Safe and blocked senders”.
4 Click on “Safe Senders” on the Safe and Blocked Senders Page.
5 Enter the email and click “Add To List” to apply changes.


1 In the webmail inbox window, with a daytradingcourse.com e-mail open, click the blue figure with a plus sign located on the right hand side of the email address in the From: field.
2 Select “Add to Personal Addresses” and click “Okay”.


1 Click “Address book” located on the top left bar.
2 Select “Add Contact”.
3 Save PaulQuillen@daytradingcourse.com as a contact – to finalize click “Save”.


1 Click “Actions”.
2 From the drop down menu select “+ New Filter”.
3 Enter a filter name in the top empty field titled “Filter Name”.
4 Under “From” enter the e-mail address you don’t want blocked.
5 Make sure “Keep in inbox” is selected.
6 Click “Ok”.


1 With the e-mail open, tap on the Contact Name.
2 Select “New Contact”.
3 Verify the e-mail (You can also add additional contact information such as my cell at 678-986-8602).
4 Tap “Save” to add the new contact.


1 After opening the e-mail locate and tap the “Add to Contacts” button.
2 Verify the e-mail and select “Create New Contact” to apply the changes.

Other Providers:

The most common approach to white listing an e-mail address is to either add the contact to your address book or to search for a “safe list” or “filter”. The best place to look first is under your inbox settings or options (typically located in the top right of the window).Other Providers:
If you do not see an option to add a contact to your address book, safe list, filter list or white list you can look in the help section of your ISP’s website which should have instructions.